All American Sun Oven


Use the sun to bake, boil and stream food while enhancing the taste, benefiting the environment and being prepared for an emergency.  Sun Ovens require no fuel other than the sun!

Pay just $31 for the entire Dehydrating and Preparedness Bonus Package (a $144 retail value). This package includes:

  • Everything that comes with the basic Sun Oven plus:
  • Multi-Level Dehydrating and Baking Rack Set with parchment paper
  • 2 easy stack pots with interchangeable lids
  • Water Pasteurizing Indicator
  • 2 Loaf pans


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Optional Accessories


The All American Sun Oven:

  • Consistently reaches temperatures of 360 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit (70-100 degrees hotter than homemade sun ovens)
  • Will last for 20+ years of daily use.
  • Can be used on partly cloudy days: you can even bake bread in partly cloudy weather.
  • Dual purpose leveling rack keeps food from spilling while oven is being adjusted
  • EZ Sun Track indicators take guess work out of aligning the oven with the sun
  • Includes a build in thermometer & a wind resistant alignment leg with ground stakes.
  • Door is make of 4 millimeter thick low iron tempered glass (GREAT insulation)
  • Oven includes 2 in wall of food grade fiberglass insulation
  • Can be used as a solar dehydrator
  • Includes Cook’n Oven Recipe CD with over 600 recipes, tips, videos and more ($62 value)
  • Folds up and carries like a suitcase
  • Weighs just 23 pounds
  • Made in the USA
  • A portion of every purchase goes to help work in third world countries

The Dehydrating and Preparedness Bonus Package

(a $144 retail value for $35):

  • Everything that comes with the basic Sun Oven plus:
  • Multi-Level Dehydrating and Baking Rack Set with parchment paper
  • Water Pasteurizing Indicator
  • Two loaf pans
  • 3-Piece Everything roaster with Lid and Rack


Optional Accessories:

3-Piece Everything Roaster with Lid & Rack: Cooks faster and more evenly than other roasters. Dark porcelain surface and steel core absorb the ovens energy and evenly distribute it to the contents. Safer than foil. Pan and handles are designed to accommodate the height of the ingredients. Cleans up easily. Includes roasting rack, 13” x 9” x 4”

2 Loaf Pans: Non-stick even heat brad pans.  9 1/4 in.  x  5 1/4 in.  x  2 3/4 in. each

Two Cookies / Brownie Pans: Constructed of heavy-gauge steel that provides an even-heating performance.  Cross-stacking pans allows maximum use of the inner chamber of the Oven 11 in. x 7 in.  x 1.5 in. each.

4 qt Enamel ware Pot w/ Steamer Insert: Granite Ware.7.75″ high x 7.5″ wide (9.375″ handle-to-handle)

Two 3 qt Easy Stack Pots w/ interchangeable enamel and glass lids: Spill free cooking of multiple dishes. Set of two interconnecting enamelware pots which can be safely and easily stacked. Includes an interchangeable enamel pot lid and a glass lid for improved visibility and browning. Each 3 quart pot holds 3 pounds of poultry or a 3 pound roast.

Mulit-Level Dehydrating and Baking Rack Set: A simple effective way to use a sun oven to dry and dehydrate with the power of the sun. Easily stack-able wire racks allow up to 3 layers of drying: comes with a set of 3 stackable racks and one roll of unbleached, silicone coated parchment baking paper.

Programmable In-Oven Thermometer with Ultra Probe: This thermometer can be placed on or next to your sun oven.  Just insert the probe into the food, and the high-heat silicone cord connects it to the thermometer.  The silicone cord can be placed on the gasket of the SUN OVEN and the door closed on top of it without breaking the air tight seal of the chamber.  The thermometer beeps when the desired internal temperature of your food is reached.


For details on how the All American Sun Oven compares to homemade sun ovens and other options visit: What Every Penny Pincher Needs to Know About Solar Ovens.


The All American Sun Oven:

Baking Bread in a Sun Oven:

Dehydrating and Drying in a Sun Oven:

Courtni's Thoughts:

The Sun Oven is a fantastic product.  It is extremely well made and has some great benefits.  However it is not my first choice for replacing my oven.

What I Love:

It requires no fuel other than the sun!  This alone is a great reason to have it.  All other fuel sources could run out eventually not matter how much you store.

The sun doesn’t cost anything.  Your “fuel” is essentially free!

No danger of fire

Cannot burn food and meats are very tender and flavorful

The oven stays clean while cooking

On very sunny days, cooking times are very close to that of your regular oven.

Great as a 2nd oven on busy cooking days (if you have sun)

Can cook two loaves of bread at once.

Can be used as a dehydrator

It doesn’t heat up your kitchen or house

Temperatures can get as high as 400°

Things to note:

There is a learning curve.  It took me multiple tries and experiments to get my sun oven to work similarly to my regular oven.  However, Sun Oven provides many videos and lessons.  Once you’ve got it down, using a Sun ovne is simple.

It cannot be used on rainy, snowy or very windy days and it cannot be used indoors.  In my opinion, this is a big drawback.  Just because it is snowing outside doesn’t mean I don’t want to cook / bake!  Depending on where you live, you’ll get between 100-240 days per year that you cannot use your Sun Oven.

It isn’t huge, but it can’t be stored flat.  It will take up a good amount of storage space.

In order for it to be efficient, you should use dark, thin-walled pots and pans.  Shiny pots and pan reflect the sun and lower the temperature.

It will not fit a typical 9 x 13 baking pan

Food (except baked goods) must be cooked with a lid

On partly cloudy days, cooking times will be longer than a regular oven.  The Sun oven will work more like a crockpot.

Effective cooking hours (even on a clear day) during the winter are from approximately 10:00 am – 2:00 pm meaning you could cook a meal for lunch, but not dinner.

The Sun oven isn’t as effective in highly humid areas.


I own both the HERC tealight oven and the Sun Oven. While you do have to store tealights for the HERC, one six gallon bucket is enough for nearly a years worth of cooking.

I will use the Sun Oven when I can be outdoors and the HERC at all other times.

For those just starting out, I suggest purchasing the HERC first as it can be used every day and you can store the oven AND a years supply of fuel in the less space than the sun oven takes.  I suggest considering the Sun Oven as a 2nd option when you have the funds as it will greatly decrease the amount of fuel you need to use.


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