12 Reasons to Follow Misty from Simple Family Preparedness on Pinterest:  https://simplefamilypreparedness.com/?p=9379

Pinterest is an incredible platform that makes it possible to organize ideas!  I have loved Pinterest since the moment we “met.”  Organizing is my thing!  And I have lots of ideas.  I find lots of ideas from all over.  But I’m not always able to IMPLEMENT all my ideas on the spot.  I need a place to store them for future use.  Pinterest allows me to do just that: to save all my ideas in an organized fashion.

If you aren’t on Pinterest yet, CHECK IT OUT!  You can find details on how it all works here: All About Pinterest.

Follow me by clicking the red “follow all” button on my profile here:  Misty Marsh from Simple Family Preparedness.

#1.  I’m Active!

Pinterest is the social network I am most active on.  I am there regularly.  I have a facebook page, but I find it more difficult for me to keep up on.  If you want to connect with me and what I’m doing regularly, follow me on Pinterest!

#2.  I pin regularly

I pin 5-15 times each day (except Sunday).  You will regularly find new ideas and tips if you follow me.

#3.  I won’t clog your feed

I pre-schedule the majority of my pins.  You will never see more than 2-3 pins from me at once.  I won’t clog your feed and make it tough for your to see what others you also follow are pinning.

#4.  My pins are high quality

I won’t pin junk to your feed.  I pin ideas I find on other websites only if I find them helpful, thorough and well articulated.  In addition, I follow high quality pinners on pinterest, and unfollow people if they regularly post low quality things.  So, the pins I re-pin are high quality and helpful as well.

#5.  I pin a variety of things from a variety of sources

While many of my pins focus on preparedness and organization, I pin a variety of other things as well.  I pin things help me be a better stay at home, religious and intentional mother and wife.  I pin parenting ideas, all sorts of (organized) recipes, lunch box ideas, ways to spend less, husband love tips, Christian thoughts and ideas (mostly LDS), healthy Eating tips, exercise ideas, and more.

In addition, I follow other high quality preparedness, organizational, SAHM type pinners.  I am also part of networks such as the prepared bloggers network.  and the Top Organizing Bloggers.  This means I have access to lots of content.  I sort through it all for you and pin the most helpful, applicable, do-able content.  Yes, I pins things from my own site, but the majority of my pins (75% or so) are from others.  This means you can find high quality content from all over by following me!

#6.  I test the links before I pin

If you have ever followed a pin on Pinterest to find the link was bad or dead you know how frustrating that can be!  I don’t pin (or re-pin) anything without first testing the link to make sure it links to the correct place.  You can trust links I pin.

#7.  I’m organized

I have a lot of boards (nearly 150 as of Aug 2014), but they are well organized.  Each of my boards falls into one of nine categories:

  • A Better Me
  • For the Home
  • Holidays
  • Inspriational
  • Kids
  • LDS
  • Organize
  • Prepare
  • Recipes

On my profile page, other than the first 20 or so “most popular” boards, my boards are grouped together according to the above categories.  So you will find them in this order:

  • My top 20 most popular boards
  • All other PREPARE boards
  • All other ORGANIZE boards
  • All other KIDS boards
  • All LDS boards
  • All other A BETTER ME boards
  • All FOR THE HOME boards
  • All other RECIPE boards
  • All HOLIDAY boards
  • All other INSPIRATIONAL boards

Each of the above categories has multiple sub categories.  The name of each of my boards starts with one of the above categories followed by the subcategory.  This means you know exactly what you will find on that board.  For example, I have an A Better Me – Fun Family Activities board, a For the Home – Cleaning Tips board, a Holidays – Happy Birthday board, an Inspirational – Quotes board, a Kids – Cooking With and For board, a LDS – Scripture study board, an Organize – My Schedule board, a Prepare – 10 Minute Projects board, a Recipes – Breads board, and many more.  Each category above has multiple sub-categories that are listed in alphabetical order.

Organizing my boards this way took a LOT of time, but it allows me to pin more quickly.  It also benefits you in few ways:

  • When scanning through my boards,  you can more easily find what you are looking for.  For example, if you know you only want to follow my “Prepare” boards, you can scroll down to where they are all located (together) very quickly.  Or if you want to find ideas on how to organize your office, you can quickly scroll to the “organize” section of my boards and look for “organize – office
  • If you don’t want to follow all my boards, you can follow just those that most apply to you and know exactly what types of pins you will be seeing.
  • If you want to find ideas on a certain topic, you can go to my profile, click on a specific board and see ideas (many of which I may have pinned before you started following me) specific to that subject.

In addition to the nine categories above, I have a few other boards:

Blog Posts

You can find all my recent blog posts on this board.  Follow the board to stay up to date.  Or search the board to find something you may have missed.  This board is the first board you will see on my profile.

Group boards

If a board’s name doesn’t start with one of the above categories it is a group board.  I keep all my group boards at the very bottom of my profile page.  A group board is a board where I am not the only one pinning to it.  Following these boards can help you find many ideas from all over as well as other pinners to follow.

#8.  I’ll inspire you

One of the categories I mentioned above was “inspirational.”  If you every need a pick me up, look here!  In my “Inspirational” category, I have a Daily Smile board that will make you laugh, a quote board that will make you want to get up and act, a videos board that just might make you cry, and a pictures board that will leave you in awe of the things God has created and / or man has made.

#10.  I test pins

While I can’t actually test each and every thing I pin, I do test quite a few.  When / if I test them, I edit that pin’s description so you know just what I thought.  I also add my version of the pin to my “Completed Pins” board.

#11.  I’ll challenge you

Each month, I will challenge my Pinterest followers to test some of their own pins.  Much of the time, Pinterest can become a time suck where people go to pins things they wish they could do, but don’t really ever try.  I want Pinterest to be more than that for you.  It should be a place your organize ideas that you want to and plan on trying.  It should become a resource for you: THE place you go to look when you need ideas to improve, change and challenge yourself.

Each month, I will challenge you to accomplish something you’ve pinned.  You can then pin what you’ve accomplished to our “Completed pins” board!  (send me an email at [email protected]) for an invite to that board.

#12.  I want YOUR ideas!

I like to follow high quality pinners.  If you feel I (and my readers) would benefit from following you, message me via Pinterest with a link to your profile and why you think it’d be a good fit!  I would love to check out your profile and follow any boards I feel would be beneficial!


A few tips:

  • To follow all of my boards, simply click on the red “follow all” button at the top of my profile.
  • To follow just certain boards that I post to, do NOT click on the “follow all” button.  Instead, once you are on my profile, click on the “follow” button on JUST the boards you want to follow.
  • If you haven’t logged into pinterest for a while and want to see everything I’ve recently pinned, you can do so by clicking here or by going to my profile and clicking on “pins” over to the left kinda under my picture.
  • To see things that interest me; things that I may be pinning (after I check the link and quality), click here or visit my profile and then click on “likes” over to the left kinda under my picture.
  • To see who I follow and possibly find other high quality people to follow,  click here or visit my profile and then click on “following” over to the right.
  • If you know you pinned something (from me or someone else), but can’t seem to find it, type the topic in the pinterest search bar.  Once you’ve typed in your search, you can choose to have Pinterest show you all pins on that topic, YOUR pins on that topic, boards on that topic, or people who pin on that topic.