24 TEOTWAWKI Bartering Items That Could Save Your Life

If you ever find yourself surviving a natural disaster or a TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) situation, there are a few items that you are going to need to survive. If you are a well-informed prepper, you will have your survival kit ready for anything that comes your way. Unfortunately, not everyone is as prepared as others, leaving them vulnerable. That being said, if you have an excess of these resources, you are in great shape to help you and your family survive.

1. Water Filters

Filtering water
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Water is one of the most important resources humans need for survival. When a disaster hits and water is scarce, those with water supply or filters will be prepared for the upcoming hardship. Humans can only live without water for 3 days, so having this resource could allow you to barter for items you are low on while also helping your neighbors survive.

2. Food

Cans of food
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Second to water, food is one of the essential components for human survival. Ensure you have an adequate amount of canned goods for you and your family and extra for bartering. Novelty items like candy, baked goods, and peanut butter could also be a great trading chip for people wanting a nice treat.

3. Fire Starters

fire starters
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If you have secured water and food, you will need a fire source next. Few people have the skills to make a fire without an actual fire source. A firestarter could be a vital resource for those who need help getting their fire up and running. A hungry family needing warmth and a way to cook food could offer quite a bit in a trade for a firestarter.

4. Personal Hygiene Supplies

making toothpaste dots for emergencies
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Personal care items will be highly sought after in a crisis situation. Look at the “great toilet paper hoarding” of 2020 when COVID-19 hit. Items in high demand are soap, sanitizers, shampoos, feminine products, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and dental floss. Anything that can help an individual feel clean and take their mind off of the situation can be beneficial to stash in your emergency kit.

5. Garbage Bags

garbage bags
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Garbage bags are highly versatile in a time of adversity. They can keep you and essential resources dry, patch leaks, collect rainwater, and store waste. They are also very cheap, so throw a few extra boxes in your survival kit.

6. Blankets

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These are going to be in high demand for obvious reasons. Blankets keep us warm, comfort us, and protect us from the elements. If you have a stash of blankets, you can use that for a generous trade to the right person.

7. Tea and Coffee

make coffee at home
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Caffeine addiction is real, trust me. I need my coffee fix every morning. If you are the only one on the block with a stockpile of coffee and tea, you could be as popular as Starbucks. Personally, I would trade some of my vital resources for a cup of coffee every morning.

8. Booze

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Speaking of beverages that make your day a little better, alcohol is something many people might be willing to barter for. Survival situations can be very stressful, sometimes an afternoon adult beverage could be a nice escape from reality. Alcohol could also help build fires and work as an antiseptic.

9. Duct Tape

person with duct tape
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Duct Tape in a crisis situation is like having a multi-tool in your pocket. You can make and fix so much with a simple roll. Uses include patching leaks, making ropes, fixing boots, broken glassware, and small appliances. The cost of a roll is very cheap, making it a great tool to keep in your emergency kit.

10. Medication

man self-medicating
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Over-the-counter medications like pain relievers, antihistamines, decongestants, anti-diarrheal, and antacids could be limited. If there is no access to stores, these medications could be life-savers for people in need. I know when I’m sick, I would do almost anything to feel better. A couple of extra bottles of Tylenol could go a long way in a trade situation.

11. First Aid Supplies

large first aid kit
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If a catastrophe were to hit, there are bound to be injuries that need to be tended to. Basic first-aid kits are going to be in high demand. Having an extra amount of cotton swabs, bandages, gloves, splints, hot/cold packs, and face masks will be an excellent choice for trade options.

12. Baby Supplies

Baby Supplies
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Survivors of a disaster are going to need to take care of their children as well as them. Baby supplies can be an easy way to trade resources that are more fitting to you and your family. Having an inventory of diapers, baby wipes, baby powder, formula, and bottles could be a great bargaining chip.

13. Pet Supplies

dog drinking water
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People love their pets. For many people, their pets are part of their family, and they will do almost anything to keep them happy. Pet food, treats, and toys could help you at the bartering table if you were smart enough to keep those in your emergency kit.

14. Batteries

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If the electricity is out, batteries are going to be worth their weight in gold. Powering devices like flashlights, radios, and walkie-talkies will be vital. With most modern devices charged by a USB cord, most people forget how valuable batteries are.

15. Radios

hank crank radio
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This includes both talk-radios and AM/FM radios. AM radio can be the easiest way to be in contact with news on the situation and instructions on ways to stay safe. Two-way radios could keep you in contact with your party if they were to be separated or off making a supply run.

16. Flash Lights

Tactical Flashlights
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My dad always said that you could never have enough flashlights. We had one in almost every closet and cupboard growing up. Maybe Dad was right because, in a catastrophe, people are going to need a flashlight. Having an excess of these gadgets can be a great option when you want to barter with your neighbor.

17. Clothing

washing dirty clothes without electricity
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Basic clothing is one of the most common human needs in a disaster. Families might be displaced from their homes in cases like flooding or earthquakes. Items like boots, jackets, socks, gloves, and beanies might be in high demand. Next time you donate old clothing, consider saving them for times like these.

18. Entertainment

Friends playing cards
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If you are surviving without electricity, you are bound to get bored. Keeping a box filled with board games, playing cards, books, crayons, and simple toys can help keep an anxious child occupied and bring a family together to reduce stress. It’s not common in a survival pack, so it could be a great bartering option.

19. Tool Kit

Tool kit
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Essential tools like a hammer, screwdriver, and an alan wrench can be handy for basic repairs. Simple all-in-one tools can be found at hardware stores for under $20. Keeping a couple of these to barter or rent out to fellow survivors can help you when it comes to basic trading.

20. Back-Up Chargers

portable solar charger
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Devices like laptops, cell phones, tablets, and GPS systems don’t run off batteries. If you are lucky to find electricity, you are going to want to charge these devices to get in contact with family and first responders. Odds are you have a bunch of random cords in a junk drawer, so throw those into your survival kit.

21. Road Maps

hiking with map
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When was the last time you thought about a road map? With GPS on smartphones, the need for a road map is less common than it once was. That being said, if you are trying to find a safe space or a hospital, and there is no cell service, a road map could be essential to finding your way.

22. Whistle/Flares

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A $5 whistle could be the difference between life and death if you are stranded in a place with limited visibility. A loud noise source or a flare could lead first responders to you and your loved ones. When you need to be saved, these items could be highly sought after by your fellow survivors.

23. Ammunition

Shotgun Shells
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Bullets and firearms will be needed to help feed our families in times of need. Grocery stores might become depleted, so our primitive survival skills like hunting must come out. Ammunition might become more valuable than money if this is the case.

24. Services

cooking a home meal
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You can barter your services for other goods if you have a specific skill set. Services could be cooking, sewing, building, and woodworking. Any skill with a demand can be used to trade resources. Try to be creative and use your personal skills to help your neighbors and gather essentials for you and your family.

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