While I encourage people to store any extra food that they can afford (whether it be from the grocery store or most any food storage company), Thrive foods are my favorite.

They taste the best, have the most color, the most color flavor, are healthier and easier to use in your everyday recipes….I could go on.  But that isn’t the purpose of today’s post (go here or here if you want more on that topic).

This post is for those who have decided that they want  to buy Thrive food as at least part of their food storage.  If that is you, then I want to help you decide which is the best way for your family to buy Thrive food storage.

JAN- FEB 25th, 2016 ONLY: I also want to provide a little jump start for those of you who truly commit to building your food storage with Thrive this year,  I’m currently offering $50-$70 in free Thrive food. Scroll to the bottom for details.

3 Ways to Buy Thrive Food2

There are three ways to buy Thrive food:


Option #1: One Time Purchase

Visit the Thrive Life website.  Add the items you want to your cart and checkout.

  • It’s simple, quick and easy
  • No monthly commitment required
  • You can purchase just when you have extra money or during large sales
Things to Consider:
  • No extra discounts or benefits
  • You have to “think about” food storage more often and consciously go place your orders.
Purchase Now:

You can buy Thrive Food as a one time order right HERE.


Option #2: Create a Thrive Q

The Thrive Q allows you to buy Thrive food every month on a budget that works for you family.

First, you create an overall list of the items you’d eventually like to have in your food storage.  Once you’ve created this list (and you can edit it later), you set a monthly budget and choose a payment date.

Then, each month, items from your list that fall into your pre-set budget automatically get shipped to you each month on the date you chose.

Those with a Q budget of $100+ also earn 3% back in free product and have access to an extra coupon (called the Qpon) each month.

  • Easy access to monthly specials.  Once you create a Q, you can add the monthly specials to each month’s shipment with just one click.
  • Think about it once and forget it.  Your food storage builds auto-magically bit by bit within the budget you set (although you can edit each month’s shipment when / if you want to)
  • Access to the deeply discounted monthly Qpon
  • 3% back in free product
Things to Consider:
  • Requires a three month commitment (you can change your budget or cancel altogether after three months)
Create Your Q Now:

You can create a Q HERE.  You can find a video tutorial HERE if you need it.



Option #3:  Become a Thrive Life Consultant

Consultants are simply Q customers that are willing to commit a bit more in order to save a bit more.

Each month consultants earn 5% commission for every dollar they spend in their Q after the first $50.

In addition, consultants earn 10% in commission and 10% back in free product on any one time purchase they make themselves.

For those two reasons, becoming a consultant is a smart thing to do for those who plan to invest in Thrive for more than a one time purchase or a few months…even if you have no intention of selling the food to others as a business.

*But if you do want to sell the food, building a business is an option.  Many start because they want commission on their own purchases, but then move on to sharing with friends and family.  Others create full businesses out of teaching people how to use Thrive through in home demonstrations.  Consultants earn commission on any orders they process for others or any Qs they help others create.  (*More details if you scroll all the way down)

You can become a consultant simply by (1) purchasing a starter kit and (2) creating a Q.  The starter kits are 41%-52% off retail and your 1st Q can process the month after you purchase your starter kit.

  • Save up to 52% off retail pricing on the food and / or shelves you get in your consultant starter kit.  See the kit options here
  • Get 5% in commission on every dollar you spend in your own Q after the first $50.
  • Get 10% in commission and 10% in free product back (plus additional 50% off product) on every one time purchase you personally make for yourself.
  • Earn commission on any one time orders or Qs that you help others set up or process.
  • Be the first to hear about new products
Things to Consider:
  • Requires a commitment to the Q and the purchase of a starter kit (but the items in the starter kit are up to 41% – 52% off retail)
Become a Consultant Now:

To become a consultant start HERE.  Then:

  • Click on “start here” at the bottom of the page
  • Log in or create and account
  • Enter my info:
  • Enter your information
  • Purchase your Starter Kit
  • Set up and activate your Q


That’s it!  3 Ways to buy Thrive Food Storage.

If you have any questions at all, comment below or shoot me an email.  I’m happy to help you with a one time purchase, setting up a Q or becoming a consultant!


It is the beginning of the year and I know many of you have a goal of building your food storage this year.  I’d like to help if I can!

So, I’m offering special bonuses for those of you who are ready to commit to building your food storage with Thrive this year!

These bonuses will only be available from Jan 11th, 2016 – February 25th, 2016

*Limited to the first 30 people to claim their free food*

Bonus #1: $50 in Thrive Food

Create a Thrive Q with a monthly budget of $100 or more and I will send you $50 in Thrive Food for free!

Your first Q will need to ship on or before February 25th, 2016 to qualify.  In order to claim your free product, simply forward me your order confirmation email from your first Q shipment along with a list of $50 in food you’d like to try and I will have it shipped to you at my expense!


Bonus #2:  $70 in Thrive Food

If you create a Thrive Q AND become a Thrive Life consultant, I will ship you $70 in Thrive Food for free!

You will need to enroll AND have your first Q ship by February 25th, 2016 to qualify.  I will get notification will you enroll as a consultant under me.  In order to claim your free product, simply forward me your order confirmation email from your first Q shipment along with a list of $70 in food you’d like to try and I will have it shipped to you at my expense!

*More details about creating a Thrive business:

If you want to become a consultant in order to create a business, great!  Here are a few things you may want to know:

  • Thrive offers a great training program called the PATH.  It uses videos, pdfs and more to walk you through all you need to know.
  • I am available via email to answer any questions you have as you work through the PATH
  • I provide an active, private Facebook group for all consultants on my team where we motivate and inspire each other as well as brainstorm and share tips and tricks.
  • You are not limited to “parties,” and are also allowed to sell online, through in home demonstrations, at expos and fairs, etc.
  • Once you’ve completed the PATH training, I will forward you party and consultant leads as they come in from my website. (I no longer do parties and I enroll only a limited number of consultants (other than this current promotion), so all the leads that come from my website get passed onto my team)
  • Thrive will provide you with a website for $9.99 / month for easy online marketing (if you want it).
  • There are no sales quotas or minimums.  The only requirement is that you purchase a kit and process a $50+ Q each month