Thank You!

My e-book, “Your Own 72 Hour Kit Plan” has been far more popular than I’d ever imagined possible.  I’m so grateful to those of you who supported followed my 26 week series and then again while I took a YEAR to write the book.  Thank you for sharing it with others!

To show my gratitude, I will be giving away 35 free copies of my e-book!  If you win a copy, you can keep it for yourself or give it to someone else as a Christmas present!


Starting on Monday, November 25th, those on my newsletter list will be able to pre-order for the THRIVE Black Friday sale.  This sale is while supplies last only, so pre-ordering will give you a much better chance of getting what you want before it is out of stock.

Each day from Monday the 25th – Wednesday the 27th, I will compile a list of everyone who pre-ordered that day and randomly choose 5 people to receive a free copy of my e-book.   Five winners on Monday.  Five winners on Tuesday.  Five winners on Wednesday.  We are up to 15 copies!

On Thursday I, and most of you I’m sure, will be taking the day off and enjoying time focusing on what we are grateful for with family.

But once the THRIVE Life Black Friday sale actually starts on Friday the 29th, I will start giving away free e-books again!  Each day from the 29th – 2nd, I will compile a list of everyone who orders and randomly pick another 5 people to receive a free copy of my e-book.  5 winners on Friday.  5 winners on Saturday.  5 winners on Sunday.  5 winners on Monday.

That is a total of 35 FREE books!

If you are a winner, you will simply get an email the morning after you purchase with a copy of the book attached!


The free e-books you can win are just one of three gifts I’m giving away for my “birthday” (I have been a THRIVE Life consultant for 3 years this week).  You can read about the other gifts here:  Happy Birthday to Me!