There are quite a few links that I mention in my eBook, Simple 72 Hour Kits.  Some (like a water bottle) everyone knows where to find.  Others are more unique. 

I’ve created this page so you would have a resource of where to find some of these more unique things online.  However, many can also be found at your local Walmart!  Even if you choose to buy things elsewhere, this page can still be of use to you as it allows you to “see” what I am talking about in the book. 

  If you have a question about a specific link, just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you!

If a chapter is not listed, it did not have any links in it.

Note – The links on this page are affiliate links meaning if you purchase after clicking on them, I will be given a small commission (at no additional cost to you).  Learn more here about how I am (and am not) compensated, and thank you for your support of me and my family!

Chapter #1 - Water to Carry
Chapter #3 - Plan Your Food

Freeze Dried Fruit Pouches Thrive Instant Milk (my favorite brand for drinking) Just add water meals (sort by pouch over to the left) MREs Link to lists of what my family has done:  An ideal 72 Hour Food Kit
Chapter #4 - Purchase and Organize Food

My favorite “milk jug” method post: How to Make a Milk Jug 72 Hour Kit  
Chapter #5 - Food Prep

Multi-tool (could be used to open cans of food) Stove in a can Pocket folding stove Small mess kit  
Chapter #6 - Eating
Chapter #10 - Sanitation

I like this article (from WebMD) about how to clean a wound.  I would suggest printing it out and keeping it with your sanitation and first aid supplies:     
Chapter #11 - First Aid

I get most of my first aid supplies at My Medic.  They are extremely high quality, reasonably priced and I like that I can buy small packs of things like ibuprofen, gauze packs, burn gel etc. in any quantity I want.    
Chapter #12 - Medicine

This post: from Lesslie (a Nurse) is the absolute BEST I’ve ever seen on the topic of stocking prescription meds.  Go read it!    
Chapter #13 - Hygiene
Chapter #14 - Light

100 Hour Candles My favorite flashlight (inexpensive, quality, powerful, small enough to fit anywhere).  We have one near each bed and in multiples in our cars. Solar / crank flashlight Headlamps  
Chapter #15 - Communication
Chapter #16 - Tools

Larger Multi-tool (shovel, axe etc) Compass Pocket chainsaw Gas shut off tool Paracord Solar Battery Charger (for cell phones and / or rechargeable batteries for other electronics)
Chapter #17 - Important Documents

If you do not want to create your own forms, you can download a blank version of mine here: If you want to go through a free evacuation e-course that also goes through in great detail about how to put together your important documents folder, you can do that here:  
Chapter #20 - Kids

Aqua Blox Boxed Water Freeze Dried Fruit, veggies or yogurt (can be used as baby food by crushing and adding a bit of water) Instant Milk Powder  
Chapter #21 - Pets

There are many fantastic suggestions and tips in the comments section of this post on my blog
Chapter #23 - Packaging

Search for a pack by capacity, size and weight HERE
  • The packs we use for my husband and I have a 75 liter capacity
  • The pack we use for our boys (10 years old) have a 50 liter capacity.  They use these every summer when they go backpacking with their Dad.
  • The packs we currently use for our girls (7 and 8 years old) are just regular school sized backpacks
HERE are some options for backpacks with wheels