Today’s post is a guest post from Andrea Anderson again!  She has already given us some great info in “Why knowing your neighbors should be part of your emergency preparations”, and “How to Start a Fire,” her previous guest posts.  She is back today to share her Holiday food storage and e-prep wish list!

When Andrea approached me with this idea, I thought it was a fabulous one, especially because I’d love to hear what is on your wish list as well.  I’d love to hear about great products out there that you love as well as know which THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) products I might want to give away or help you get for less!  So, make sure you leave some comments and let us know what is on YOUR wish list!  I may just pick one comment and surprise you with a fun Christmas gift!  (-:

About Andrea:

Andrea Anderson is a wife, new mother, and interior design student with a specialty in organization. She spent the majority of her childhood in the great state of Alaska where her weekends were filled with camping, fishing, and hiking. Such a lifestyle left her with a certain skill set and she is happy to share some of her experiences with you.  She also writes the blog Project: Simple Home that covers topics ranging from emergency preparedness to home organization to craft projects. Feel free to drop by and check it out sometime!



My Wish List

With the holiday season upon us, I am happy to share some of the things on my wish list. Specifically, I would like to share those that are related to food storage and emergency prep. My husband once argued that things like this shouldn’t fall under the term “gift.” His reasoning was that if an item benefited the entire family rather than the specific recipient, then it didn’t live up to the name. His heart is in the right place because this prevents me from counting a vacuum as a gift. However, under this definition his perennial wish list item of socks is valid and that is just wrong. I’ve been slowly remodeling his definition to “any desired item that directly benefits the recipient (though it may benefit others as well) and could be considered extra, superfluous, luxurious or more than absolutely needed.” Yes, I could get a vacuum under this definition, but by-golly it will be that $500 Dyson that I put on my wedding registry so many years ago! And socks do not qualify. Without further ado, here is my “Food Storage & Emergency Supply Wish List:”

 All the new Thrive products!

The new asparagus, green onion, honey crystals and brown rice are right up my alley. I can’t wait to get my hands on them! To be honest though, I adore Thrive and would be happy to have just about ANY of their products (especially FD Corn… I eat that stuff dry and by the handful!)


Essential Oils

I plan on covering my story with essential oils and how to used them as emergency supplies in a dedicated post soon, but I can honestly say that I am a converted believer. I currently own doTerra Past Tense, Deep Blue, and Peppermint oil, as well as Jasmine from NOW brand. The big ones on my wish list are:

  • OnGuard (a doTerra brand similar to Thieves oil)
  • Lemon
  • Lavender
  • Modern Essentials Book as a guide to using oils.

THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) 72” Harvest Can Rotation System for #10 Cans

I absolutely LOVE these for rotating #10 Cans so I always know my items are First In and First Out. As an organizational enthusiast, I love that it keeps everything organized and visually appealing. Though I wouldn’t mind one of their new cabinets to keep everything hidden either.


 THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) 5-Gallon Bucket Shelves

I also have quite a few 5-gallon buckets for food that I buy in bulk and need to access often. This would be pretty awesome to have.


GSI Outdoor Cook Sets

My little brother is a big outdoors man, and I often test products on him. Last year I gave him a GSI Pinnacle Dualist cook set and he’s used it several times on hiking, camping, and hunting trips. He gave it a big thumbs up saying it was easy to use, clean, store, and carry. Now it is on my list, along with the GSI Ketalist. The Amazon reviews for both of these are fantastic and back up my brother’s claims.

Triple Water Barrel Towers

If you followed Project Simple Home’s October’s 31 Days of Often Overlooked Emergency Prepping, than you may remember Day 11 – More Water. I let you guys in on a few things, including that the recommended 3-gallons per day of drinking water often falls way short of our actual needs and that the emergency response time of closer to two weeks, not three days. I also let you guys know that I have a goal of storing over 280 gallons of water (5 55-gallon barrels). One of the ways for me to complete that goal is to pick up at least one of these triple water barrel towers and a few barrels. I also love their easy filling/dispensing system when you pick up their upgraded plumbing system. If I had a full arsenal of tools (another goal), I could also build one of these bad boys courtesy of these FREE plans.


Sun Oven

Another great product available at THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) is their Sun Oven. If you aren’t familiar with this product already, make sure you are watching Misty’s Sun Oven Seminar. In addition to the oven, some cooking dishes designed to magnify the oven’s cooking ability would be great as well.


I’m still researching what I want/need for my family, but this is on the “buy soon” list. I’ve already had several friends and family members suffer because of a sudden natural disaster and generators were always the first things to go.


Spouting Supplies

I get by with a mason jar, some netting, and a rubber band but I am looking more and more into a dedicated spouting system. I also need lots and lots of seeds organic Non-GMO seeds!

Solar Power

Goodness! This covers a few wish list items. The first of which is a solar charging system. Goal Zero seems to be a great brand and you can pick up an inexpensive and lightweight starter pack from THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance). I’ve also seen a few of the same brand at Costco including the extreme kit that would make a great upgrade down the road. I’d also want to pick up a few of those solar lawn lamps that are often pretty cheap since they would make decent lighting at night during a power outage. Finally, perhaps one day I might even put up a few panels on the roof!

I think that about covers it. Sure I could go on and on (being prepared is a continual journey after all) but this rounds out my top ten wishes. Have you used any of these products? Is one of these items on your list too? Can anyone point me in a good direction for a generator?