Add Photos to Your 72 Hour Kit: 10 min Preparedness Project

10 Minute Preparedness Project From Simple Family Preparedness: Add Photos to 72 Hour Kit

A Picture Says 1000 Words

If you are separated from your child during a disaster (they are at school you are at home etc), having a picture of your family in your 72 hour kit will be invaluable.  It will help you when asking others to help look for your loved ones.  It will help authorities find you when / if you child doesn’t know your full name etc.  It can also help prove that you all “belong” to each other and have for some time in case of identity theft, etc.

Today, go add a family picture to each of your 72 hour kit bags!  Shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.  Easy Peasy!

Help Building a 72 Hour Kit

If you don’t yet have a 72 hour kit for your family, this e-book will help simplify the process for you: Your Own 72 Hour Kit Plan (A Weekly Step by Step system to building a personalized 72 hour kit)

Another related tip:

When you head out to a busy public place with a child (an amusement park, fair etc), snap a quick picture of them on your phone.  If you lose them, you will have a very updated photo to help you find them!

Lack of Time

I’ve found that there are lots of reasons that keep people from becoming better prepared or more self reliant. But as a young mom one of the top reasons is time, or rather a lack of time.

But really, I don’t think us young moms are alone….

I think that many, if not most, in our fast paced society feel that time slips through their fingers regularly. And when feeling rushed and anxious, it can be difficult to invest time in becoming more prepared and self reliant.

10 Minute Preparedness Projects!

But very one of us can find 10 minutes, right? Every few weeks, I challenge myself to spend 10 minutes on preparedness and self-reliance and I invite you to join me! Simple, right?

You can see all the 10 minutes preparedness projects here:

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