Becoming a THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) consultant was one of the best decisions I made for our family.    Because of this, I recommend becoming a consultant to most anyone interested in preparedness, quick cooking, healthy eating or food in general!  But ultimately, the choice is yours.  Only you can decide if this will fit into and work in your life.



Is becoming a THRIVE Life  consultant right for you?

Questions to ask yourself:

And here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself to determine if this opportunity if right for you:

  1. Do you struggle to find “healthy convenience foods” that fit your busy schedule, but still provide quality nutrition for your family?
  2. Do you enjoy helping others?
  3. Do you need / want a work from home business opportunity, but are nervous about “pyramid schemes” / MLMs that have overly complicated commission plans, only reward you for getting others to sell the product, or only allow those at the “top” to make any money?
  4. Are you passionate about preparedness / food storage?
  5. Would you like a hobby outside of your “normal life?”
  6. Would you like the opportunity to earn free THRIVE Life products?
  7. Do you need a work from home opportunity without a lot of limits / requirements / restrictions (minimum sales, set hours, inventory required etc)?
  8. Are you willing to work consistently whether you have 2 hours or 40 hours / week to dedicate?
  9. Do you need to supplement your current income with part time income immediately?
  10. Do you need / want to earn full time income in the next 1-2 years?

If you answered yes to many / most of those questions, then you should seriously consider becoming a Thrive Life consultant.

Detailed Answers

You likely have a bunch of questions.  Here are a few posts that may interest you as you make your decision:



What I Offer


Once you are on my team and have completed the PATH (the consultant training program), I will start sending you leads!  This means if someone in your area contacts me (b/c of my website) and wants to host a party, I will send them to YOU!

Or, if someone in your area contacts me about becoming a consultant (and you are regularly doing parties), I will enroll them under YOU instead of me.

This will help you make more sales and grow your own team more quickly.

While I offer this benefit to all those on my team, I do give first preference to those enrolled directly under me (before those enrolled under someone else on my team).


I am available to answer your questions as you work through the training provided by Thrive Life.

I have a private Facebook group where I actively support the consultants on my team.  You are also able to brainstorm here with lots of other consultants to help perfect your ideas and techniques.

In addition, you are welcome to email me at any time with your questions.  I do my best to get back to you within 24-48 hours.


Two Choices:

1 – Enroll Under Me:

You can choose to enroll directly under me.  Those who do get the leads I send out first.

I will answer questions you have via email and include you on a team Facebook page where you can get answers from me and other team members.


2 – I’ll Find You A Trainer

If your personality does better with supportive, hands on, one-on-one training, I can hook you up with a great trainer on my team.

I have been a Thrive Life consultant since 2010.  As such,  I have many other consultants on my team from all over the USA.  I can match you up with a trainer that will work with your personality and support you well.

Shoot me an email ([email protected]) and let me know a bit about you and how you would hope your trainer would support you.  I will then put you in contact with someone on my team who can fully support you.


Need More Details?

You can learn more about being a consultant on my THRIVE Life website here:


How to Become a Consultant

If you have decided to enroll directly under, here are the steps:

  1. Click here:
  2. Click on “Start Here” button at bottom
  3. Log-In or create an account
  4. Enter your chosen trainer’s information.  My info is listed below:

5.  Enter Your Information (name, address, social, email, direct deposit info etc.)
6.  Purchase a starter kit.  They range from $129-$439 and you can choose anyone you want.  You can see all the options HERE.   I started with the smallest kit and I did fine.  But I wish I’d gotten the second kit ($289) b/c it is a much better value than the first kit.  I had to re-order supplies much too soon!


Leave a comment below if you have a question I haven’t answered!

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