Best Car Survival Kits in 2022 To Buy On Amazon

If you have your home outfitted with survival gear, bug-out bags, and food storage to keep your family going in the event of an emergency, then you’re doing well. One thing that you might be neglecting, however, is the car survival kit. We all tend to assume that we’ll have an emergency while we’re at home, but there’s a good chance something could go wrong while you’re in the car.

The best car survival kit has enough to get you out of an immediate scrape and back home where you can get more gear and supplies if need be. We’ve reviewed some of the car survival kits it’s worth putting in your vehicle to see which ones are the best.

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Car Survival Kit FAQ

1. ​What Is a Car Survival Kit?

What do we mean by this? Any survival kit can be a “car survival kit” if you throw it in the car, so this term is something a bit more specific. We’re talking about a kit designed to get your car moving again in the case of an accident or emergency or keep you alive until rescue arrives.

​2. Do I Need a Car Survival Kit?

You might be wondering why you’d even consider a car survival kit. Surely you could just grab your kit from home and throw it in the car every time you go, right? A car survival kit is different from your regular kit, though.

Most of the time, if your car breaks down or you have a minor accident you can count on public services to work. A tow truck can get to you, a mechanic can work on your car, or a friendly policeman will be happy to help you change a tire.

But in a true emergency, you can’t count on any of these things. You may have only yourself to lean on. Sure, you might be better off not taking your car at all when things get really dire; but if you do need it, you should have a way to keep it running if at all possible.

​3. What Should I Look For when Buying a Car Survival Kit?

Again, you can throw your regular bug-out bag into the car and have a survival kit that will work for YOU; but your car emergency kit needs to have more than this. You want to look for a kit that will protect both you and your vehicle.

This means you want things like roadside flares and jumper cables for your car, as well as flashlights, fire starters, and emergency blankets for you. No one kit can have everything you could possibly need (and if it did, it probably wouldn’t fit in your car) but you can get pretty close.

How We Reviewed the Best Car Survival Kits in 2022

Jumper Cable used in car engine

There are all kinds of car survival kits available online, so we looked primarily at what they contain and what they work best for. Price is always a consideration, but when it comes to staying safe (and keeping your family safe) quality is far more important than price.

All the car survival kits we looked at a run in the $40 to $100 range. The more expensive kits have more durable parts, offer more pieces to cover a wider range of possible emergency situations, and have more first aid options.

Best 10 Car Survival Kits on Amazon in 2022

  • ​Roadside Rescue Kit
  • ​Secureguard Roadside Emergency Kit
  • ​WNG Emergency Car Kit
  • ​First Secure 90-Piece Car Kit
  • ​TUOU Auto Emergency Kit
  • ​Mofeez Portable Auto Emergency Kit
  • ​Blikzone Premium Emergency Car Kit
  • ​Lifeline Excursion Road Kit
  • ​Sidekick Solution Premium Kit
  • ​COOCHEER Auto Emergency Kit

[amazon link=”B078NMMZ8P” title=”Roadside Rescue Kit”]

[amazon box=”B078NMMZ8P”]

This kit has 110 different pieces: so on the plus side, it has everything, while on the minus side it could be hard to dig out what you need in a pinch! In this kit, you’ll find things to protect both you and your vehicle.

For your vehicle, you get jumper cables, a tow strap, a multi-tool, a flashlight, bungee cords, roadside warning signs, and more. For you, you’ll get a poncho, first aid kit, emergency blanket, fire starter, and other essentials.

Price: $

​This is great for the person who knows how to fix their own car and envisions being on the road in remote places.

[amazon link=”B01M7XN1FA” title=”Secureguard Roadside Rescue Kit”]

[amazon box=”B01M7XN1FA”]

This set comes with 106 pieces that will cover most of your roadside emergencies. You’ll get a reflective vest, a hazard triangle, and all the kinds of things you need to get your car out of a ditch. We particularly liked that this one comes with replacement fuses and reinforced wire connectors.

To protect you, you get a standard first aid kit, a whistle, compass, and plastic cable ties that have almost limitless applications.

Price: $$

This is another one good for the person who really knows how to tinker with their car and get it working again. If all you need is some electrical tape, a hex wrench, and some wire connectors to jury-rig a solution, this kit is for you.

[amazon link=”B07635TT3W” title=”WNG Emergency Car Kit”]

[amazon box=”B07635TT3W”]

This kit has a first aid kit, emergency blanket, rain poncho, and safety hammer with seat belt cutter for you. (We really like the idea of a safety hammer and seat belt cutter!)

For dealing with your car, you get jumper cables, grippy gloves, a tow rope, and a few basic tools. You’ll also get a tire gauge; though this won’t do you much good if you don’t have a way to inflate. Also, be aware that the tow rope on this kit is only rated to three tons. Most of the rest on our list can handle five tons.

Price: $

This is a good, cheap, basic kit for the person who wants protection for standard breakdowns or who has a more extensive, personalized survival kit made up to deal with other situations.

[amazon link=”B01C96AFWU” title=”First Secure 90-Piece Car Kit”]

[amazon box=”B01C96AFWU”]

There are fewer pieces in this kit, but don’t let that fool you. This is a great kit that has some premium gear. The 5-ton tow strap will pull nearly anything, and the jumper cables are 10 feet long. There’s a 7-piece tire repair kit included, and you’ll also get a 250 PSI air compressor that will inflate your tires once you’ve fixed them.

For you, you get a multi-tool, cable ties, headlamp, deluxe first aid kit, glass breaker, belt cutter, and even scissors and safety pins.

Price: $$

​This is perfect for a new driver, anyone who goes places where their tires might have a problem, and anyone with a smaller vehicle.

[amazon link=”B07J1QHPL5″ title=”TUOU Auto Emergency Kit”]

[amazon box=”B07J1QHPL5″]

This has most of the standard features that other kits have, but it also has some interesting extras. The jumper cables, for example, are nearly 16.5 feet long, which is quite a bit longer than others we looked at. We’re also really pleased with the packing and bag: the nylon canvas is tough and the whole thing is small enough to fit in any vehicle.

The first aid kit and personal items are great, and we especially like that this one comes with a CPR mask.

Price: $

​This kit is great for people with smaller cars and anyone who wants the basics but doesn’t have the know-how to do a lot of repairs on their own.

[amazon link=”B0799F6F4G” title=”Mofeez Portable Auto Emergency Kit”]

[amazon box=”B0799F6F4G”]

​This is an inexpensive kit, but it contains the most essential basics. The jumper cables are heavy-duty, the tow rope can handle just over two tons of weight, and you get a razor blade, first aid kit, tire repair kit, electrical tape, and more.

Price: $

​You get what you pay for, and this kit is the least expensive on our list. You’ll be able to deal with some problems, but this car survival kit is for people who don’t regularly go into particularly difficult situations.

[amazon link=”B079QCQGFL” title=”Blikzone Premium Emergency Car Kit”]

[amazon box=”B079QCQGFL”]

This is a premium kit that contains fewer items than some, but everything is very high quality. As with some of the other premium kits on our list, this one has an air compressor so you can fill your tires up and a tire repair kit. The tow rope can handle five tons, and this one even comes with a circuit tester tool with spare fuses.

For you, there’s a hand-cranked flashlight, light sticks, a whistle, rain poncho, emergency blanket, seat belt cutters, and a safety hammer for smashing a window. You won’t get a first aid kit with this one, however, which seems like a swing and a miss.

Price: $

​This is great for the person who has their own personalized first aid kit and knows what they’re doing with tools, engines, and electricity.

[amazon link=”B00N509LP2″ title=”Lifeline Excursion Road Kit”]

[amazon box=”B00N509LP2″

This is another premium kit. You’ll get a tire inflator, high-quality jumper cables, duct tape, a toolkit, a sturdy flashlight, and all the emergency roadside warning gear you need. In fact, now that we think about it, why doesn’t EVERY kit come with duct tape?

You’ll also get a poncho and utility knife, shop cloth, cable ties, and a very well-stocked first aid kit.

Price: $$$

​This is the perfect choice for the person who wants to be prepared for anything. It’s especially good for the brand new driver (or driver’s parent) who wants some peace of mind.

[amazon link=”B07L87K2H1″ title=”Sidekick Solution Premium Kit”]

[amazon box=”B07L87K2H1″]

Sidekick has standard car repair and emergency items. Where this one shines is in the first aid kit, which includes more (and better quality) items than some of the others on our list.

For the car, you get a repair kit, jumper cables, wrench and screwdriver, gloves, ice scraper, utility knife, self-fusing silicone tape to repair engine hoses, slip joint pliers, and an extra-bright flashlight.

Price: $$$

​This is a premium kit at a slightly cheaper price, so it’s perfect for the person looking to protect and repair without spending too much.

[amazon link=”B077P59WFW” title=”COOCHEER Auto Emergency Kit”]

[amazon box=”B077P59WFW”

​Another premium kit, this one includes a folding shovel, tools, fuses, a fuel pump, tow rope, and strong gloves. To keep you safe personally, you’ll get a decent first aid kit, a thermal blanket, a whistle, cable ties, and a safety hammer with a seat belt cutter.

Price: $$$

​This is a premium kit, but it’s a bit less pricey than the others in that category. We really liked the fuel pump and shovel, so this is for the person interested in a comprehensive survival solution.

What Are the Best Car Survival Kits in 2022?

Officer repairing a flat tire car

These kits fit different needs and some are definitely better than others. Any of them will do the job in certain situations, but you know yourself and your vehicle better than anyone, so you should make your choice based on that knowledge. Here are our picks:

Best Overall Choice: For our money, the COOCHEER is the best choice. If you know how to repair a vehicle, this has most of what you’d want and lots of things you won’t know you needed until the emergency arises.

Best Budget Choice: Sidekick Solution is your best bet if you want mostly premium stuff but can’t manage prices close to $100.

Best Basic Choice: We really liked the TUOU Auto Emergency Kit if you want a kit that has all the basics and nothing too fancy. This would be a great kit for anyone who wants a car survival kit but doesn’t know enough to be fixing their own tires or patching engine hoses.

Whichever car survival kit you choose, you really need to have one. Life happens, and sometimes it happens on the road. Make sure you’re prepared!

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