Best Water Purification Tablets to Buy on Amazon in 2022

Summer is coming, and you know what that means. Time to start chugging water! There are a plethora of ways to stay hydrated, ranging from filtered water, and water bottles, to plain old tap water. But what happens if you go on vacation, whether it be hiking, camping, or backpacking, and can’t be sure where your water supply will be coming from? Time to start investigating the best water purification tablets.

Why Do We Need Water Purification Tablets?

If you’re going out in the wilderness, water is probably one of your main concerns. Relying on plastic water bottles can be expensive, and the environment would definitely thank you if you have found another option; not to mention that you probably don’t want to be lugging tons of plastic water bottles with you wherever you go. Luckily, with water purification tablets you can save money without sacrificing safety.

Water purification tablets are also a great option in case of an emergency. Keeping some around the house or in an emergency kit is a great idea. If unopened, the tablets usually have a shelf-life of five years, and as they are relatively inexpensive, it won’t be too much of a loss if you never use them and have to replace them. Overall, they are a great item to have on hand to make sure you are prepared for a situation in which you don’t have access to water that is completely clean.

Water Purification Tablets FAQ

Ever heard of water purification tablets? No need to worry! We’ve taken the time to answer questions about them as well as outline the best water purification tablets on the market.

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1. What Are Water Purification Tablets?

Have you heard about boiling water to make it safe for human consumption? Water purification tablets basically do the same thing without the need to start a fire and wait for the water to boil. Simply drop the right dosage into your water, and voila! In a matter of minutes, your water is now safe for human consumption.

Though they are called tablets, these do come in different forms, from tablets that you drop into your water to drops of liquid. Some require a two-part system while some function with only one. the packaging of this product is rather important, as exposure to air will start the expiring process.

If you need a bunch at one time, those that come in a bottle will work fine. However, if you only see yourself needing a few at a time, then opting for tablets that come individually wrapped might be better for you, as those in a bottle typically expire within one year after opening.

2. How Do Water Purification Tablets Work?

These tablets work by adding chemicals to the water that kill unsafe microorganisms: the same ones you seek to get rid of by bringing the water to a boil. The tablets contain chlorine, chlorine oxide, or iodine and focus on killing microorganisms such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium, as well as other viruses and bacteria. If you or a member of your party that will be using the tablets is pregnant or a child, make sure they use the chlorine-based tablets.

3. Are Water Purification Tablets Safe?

Untreated water can be extremely dangerous and make you very sick. When used properly, water purification tablets have a plethora of benefits and will keep you and your family safe from harmful water while out in the wilderness or in case of an emergency or natural disaster at home.

Knowing if you have allergies to any of the ingredients in a water tablet is important, so always check the ingredients list before purchasing. Tablets that contain iodine should not be given to women who are pregnant or to children.

4. How Do You Use Water Purification Tablets?

It is incredibly simple to use water purification tablets. Make sure they remain in the air-tight container they came in until you are ready to use them. If they are exposed to the elements, they may become less effective. Making sure they’re safely zipped in your backpack is essential.

Water purification tablets don’t remove particles or sediments from water, so when you collect water, make sure it settles so you can see if it is filled with dirt. If it is, filter it into another container before using the tablet.

Once you’re sure the water is relatively sediment-free, follow the instructions on the package to figure out the right dosage and drop the correct amount into your water. Raising the temperature of the water may help the tablets to work more effectively. Check the dissolving time on the package and wait the full amount of time listed to ensure the tablet is fully dissolved and working before you drink. Remember that the water on the mouthpiece may still be contaminated, so pour some of the purified water out to rinse the mouthpiece and then quickly close the bottle.

5. What Is the Best Water Purification Tablet?

Do you want you and your family to be as safe as you can be? We do too! To make your lives easier and safer, we’ve compiled a list of the best water purification tablets on the market. Again, take your personal needs into consideration. Keep in mind the differences that come with purchasing these tablets in a bottle versus purchasing individual packages, and think about whether you will need to purify water for pregnant women or any children.

The Best Water Purification Tablets in 2022

We want you and your family to be completely safe on trips or in case of an emergency. We took the time to compile a list of the best water purification tablets based on features, pros and cons, and price so that you can get the best bang for your buck and the safest water possible.

Are you looking for something that can clean and store water long-term or something for more immediate use? Do you need something that can purify water in 30 minutes or can you wait for a few hours? Answering these questions can help you narrow down not only the best water purification tablets but also the ones that are best for you and your needs.

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Aquatabs have been trusted for over twenty years and have been used by major aid agencies and other forces worldwide to make water safe for human consumption. They have a shelf life of five years and do not add a strange taste to the water.

Potable Aqua Water Purification Treatment

Potable Aqua Water Purification, Water Treatment Tablets - 50 count...
  • One bottle of 50 count Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets
  • Water treatment tablets, providing water purification for camping, hiking, traveling and emergency water preparedness...
  • Potable Aqua emergency water purification tablets for drinking water are effective against Giardia lamblia when used as...

Used by military and emergency organizations around the world, these tablets make questionable water safe for human consumption within 30 minutes. With one bottle coming with 50 tablets, you’re sure to have enough for even a lengthy trip. Made from iodine, they do not have an expiration date but should be replaced if they go from their grayish/brown color to a yellow/greenish color; and opened bottles should be replaced the next season.

No products found.

No products found.

These tablets treat up to 2,000 liters of water, exceeding the capacity of most other tablets. Temperature gauges help give the exact dosage needed to make the water safe for human consumption. The tablets have a shelf life of four years but must be used quickly once the bottle has been opened. These tablets are made from iodine.

KatadynMicropur MP1 Water Purification Tablets

Katadyn Micropur MP1 Water Purification Tablets (30 Count)
  • Katadyn Micropur MP1 Water Purification Tablets Pack/30v

This water tablet has been proven effective against viruses, bacteria, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium in all water conditions. If the water is especially dirty and cold, the tablet could take up to four hours to reach its full effectiveness. With each tablet already measured to treat one liter of water, you won’t have to measure the tablet dosage. To ensure longer shelf life, each tablet is sealed in a waterproof strip.

Aquamira - Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment

Aquamira - Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment Two Part Liquid (1 oz...
  • Kills odor causing bacteria and enhances the taste of stored potable water
  • Treatment has a 4 year shelf life from manufacturing date
  • Treats up to 30 gallons and easy to Use and No Aftertaste

This treatment is a two-part chlorine dioxide treatment that provides safety without a strange aftertaste. The two 1-ounce bottles can treat up to thirty gallons of water and have a shelf life of four years.

55 Gallon Water Preserver

55 Gallon Water Preserver Concentrate 5 Year Emergency Disaster...
  • GUATENTEED POTENCY: Must use within 1 year of manufacturing to ensure potency (Expiration Date on Bottle)

Proven safe for five-year water storage, this product has been used or tested for over 12 years. One bottle treats up to 55 gallons of water, with eight drops treating one gallon. This tablet prevents the re-growth of the organisms it kills, which enables it to be effective for five years, and it has been specifically manufactured for long-term water storage.

MSR Aquatabs Water Purification

Aquatabs 49mg Water Purification Tablets (30 Pack). Water Filtration...
  • DRINKING WATER, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - Aquatabs are the world's most popular tablet and the ultimate choice for portable...
  • FEEL SAFE OUT THERE - Aquatabs are an excellent solution for purifying water while backpacking, camping, hiking,...
  • BE BETTER PREPARED - These drinking water purification tablets are small and lightweight making them easy to store in a...

A box of MSR Aquatabs features 30 individually packaged tablets with the capability to treat up to 60 liters of water. It has a 30-minute treatment time, meaning you can enjoy safe water in a manner of minutes. Made with Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate.

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No products found.

One of these water purification tablets purifies a liter of water. Unopened, the bottle has a 5-year shelf life but should be used within one year of opening. Made with TetraglycineHydroperiodide.

No products found.

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This pack of 10 tablets purifies up to 50 gallons of water. This is perfect for fast treatment of water in case of an emergency whilst traveling, and one tablet purifies five gallons of water; giving you a lot of bang for your buck. These tablets have a 2 to 3-year shelf life.

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Each package contains 100 individually sealed tablets with a shelf life of up to 5 years. These tablets provide drinking water in 30 minutes and have NSF 60 certification. This is an approved formula that is used routinely by the World Health Organization.

The Best Water Purification Tablets on Amazon in 2022

There are plenty of options available if you are looking for water purification tablets, which can make finding the best water purification tablets somewhat difficult. Luckily, through research, we were able to narrow down the market to compile the best picks. Out of this list, there are a few standouts that are worth mentioning.

Best Taste​: Aquatabs AQT100 Water Purification Tablets have been on the market for two decades and have been trusted by professional agencies and travelers alike. They do not add a strange taste to the water, meaning that you might not even notice that the water had been purified with a tablet.

Efficiency: Another standout on this list of best water purification tablets is the Mightie Company World’s #1 Water Purification Tablets. One purchase provides you with 100 individually wrapped tablets, meaning that you’ll have a huge supply that won’t be at risk of going bad when you just need one.

What Are the Best Water Purification Tablets for You?

Overall, there are tons of tablets on the market. Taking your needs into consideration and carefully choosing the right water tablet for you will not only keep you safe and prepared but also give you the best bang for your buck.

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