Stress Less Family Summer System

If you read my “about me” page, you will learn that I don’t prepare out of fear of some crazy zombie world disaster.  I prepare because it makes my life easier today.

For example, by having extra food in my home, I stress less and can create meals for my family (or a friend if needed) quickly and without extra trips to the grocery store.

And even though I work regularly at being more prepared, I don’t pretend to be an expert about all things preparedness.  I learn about new products, ideas, skills, and more all the time.  But there is something else that has helped with my preparedness that I am really good at I love to organize.  And I believe being organized is an important way to be prepared.

For example, I have a list of dinners that my family enjoys.  They are organized by meal type (Mexican, Italian, etc) and cooking method (stovetop, crockpot, oven, etc).  This took a bit of time to set up and organize, but it makes my life so much easier each week when I am meal planning!

Being organized and prepared decreases the stress in our lives.  It doesn’t all have to be about doomsday!  (-:  Being prepared really is about finding ways to organize so we can simplify our lives.

Stress-Less Family Summer Organizing System

Today I want to share with you a fun organized system I’ve come up with for our family this summer.  I wanted to be sure that we had a fun summer, but a productive one as well.  I wanted to limit screen time without eliminating it.  I wanted to teach skills and responsibility and hard work and goal setting.  I wanted to spend time with my kids without overwhelming myself.  I wanted to be better at discipline and consistency.  I wanted to build their relationships with each other.  I also wanted whatever system I created to simplify our lives instead of adding stress.  A tall order, right?

Well,  I have loved what I’ve come up with so far (we’ve been using these systems for about 2 weeks now). It was a bit of work to set up, but it has made our days so much simpler, less stressful, and more productive.

There are six pieces to our system.  I will a piece of this system with you every few days over the next two weeks.  As I share each piece, I will link to it here in this post so you can find them all in one place!  You can also subscribe to this blog to receive email updates when I add a new post:

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Quick note:  Being organized is a talent of mine.  Being crafty is not.  My system is organized and works well, but it isn’t overly cute.  (-:  If you are crafty and decide to use some or part of my system, I’d love to see some pictures of it “cute-i-find!”  Email them to me ([email protected]) and I’ll add them to the post!

How to Organize with the Stress-Less Family Summer System

1.  Family Store and Chore SystemIMG_0045

Working is part of being in a family.  But playing is part of a family too, right?  Both work and play should be “expected” in a family setting.  But I think the two should be connected.  This system does that. 

2.  Bored Bucket & Summer Schedule


I don’t know if all kids are the same, but mine do much better when they know what to expect each day.  That doesn’t mean that all spontaneity goes out the window, but a regular system and schedule work wonders with how obedient my kids are and how they respond to me.  But even with that schedule, there is a lot of free time in their days.  Few things stress me out more than having to entertain my kids all. day. long. The bored bucket has done more for my sanity than any other systems we’ve put in place. 

3.  Mommy Time BucketIMG_0040

Quality time with my kiddos is very high on my priority list.  I want their childhoods to be full of great memories with each other and me.  But life gets busy and somehow during the day that high priority often seems to get buried.  Having a system in place has brought that priority back up into the light. 

IMG_00354.  Love is Spoken Here Bucket

Oh my goodness!  My kids fight!  They love each other too and do some incredibly kind things for each other sometimes.  But they also fight.  I hope that my kids aren’t the only ones, but man alive it can drive me insane!!  It can be so tough to keep my cool and act responsibly.  This system has provided a way for me to stay calm and provide quality discipline. 

5.  Quiet Room TimeIMG_0058

My kids no longer nap, but I still need a “quiet” break every day to keep my sanity.  This system works wonders!  I get 1 1/2 hours to myself each day and my kids get a chance to earn an extra $3 while building relationships with each other and practicing important skills.  More Details Coming June 20th!

6.  Goals & Homework

My sister-in-law is my mothering hero.  For years, her kids have had summer goals….things they want to learn to do over the summer.  I’ve loved the idea, but never really found a way to implement it in our family until this summer.  In addition to setting goals, I want to keep my kid’s academic skills sharp so we will be doing “homework” almost every day during the summer.  But this homework isn’t your typical boring stuff!  More Details Coming June 23rd!

I would love to hear ideas that have worked for your family during the summer!  How has being organized helped you simplify while accomplishing your goals?