Changing it up a Bit…

Hey everyone!  I know that many of you found my site through my Survival Kit Series.  I’ve loved this series because from your feedback, it has help many of you!

But I’ve gotten some feedback recently that I ought to change things up a bit.  So, I’ve come up with something I think will be better than just re-posting the same thing each week.

But don’t worry!  Every Wednesday, I will still post about what you should be focusing on in your kit that week.  It will just be more brief since so many of you have already built your kit.

I will also highlight any comments / ideas that have come in from readers about that topic since we last discussed it (if there are any).  This should help us all communicate with each other better and share new ideas without you all having to search through a bunch of comments to find the “new” stuff.  I will do it for you.

Then, for those who want / need more detail I will link to the entire original post so you can find all the detailed information.  This will help those who are new or who are seriously re-vamping their kits.

So, if you are building your kit, focus on adding the things in that week’s category to your kit.  If you have already built your kit, focus on checking that the things in those category are easy to access / working and not expired.  You can also “beef up” the supplies in that category if you’d like.


Week #16: Communication

Do you have ways in which you will be able to communicate with loved ones in the event of a disaster?  What about communicating with the outside world?  Following the news / warnings etc about your area?  Signaling for help?  Communication following a serious disaster will be difficult at best.  Much of your preparation in the area of communication is simply planning now what you will do then.  


More Info / Help:

You can find a full post with suggestions / ideas for adding communication items to your survival kit here: Survival Kit Ideas: Communication