Create a Medication List: A 10 Min E-Prep Project

If I were to ask you to name all the medicines you take and their dosages, could you do it?

What if I were to ask you to name all the medicines your immediate family members take and their dosages, could you do that?
Take 10 minutes today to write down your family's meds and dosages in case of emergency.  Then, pick another 10 min e-prep project for tomorrow!


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Know Your Meds

Knowing what medications you and / or a loved one take can be essential information in an emergency.  Doctors will want to know this information before treating a patient.   You don’t want to be in a hospital emergency room with a parent, spouse or child and not have this info.

If you have members of your family that regularly take prescription medicines, take 10 minutes today and write out the medications and dosages and any specials instructions.  You might also consider including allergies and chronic medical problems.

This will be essential if you need to leave loved ones in the care of others and / or if by chance you aren’t around during an emergency. It will also be helpful if you can’t remember everything!   Make sure you add it to your emergency grab and go binder!

Once you’ve created such a form, it can also save time in an emergency even if you are around.  You can simply hand it to the emergency medical personnel instead of taking the time to tell them everything then and there.

Best of all….it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes or so to create!  Easy Peasy!

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Take 10 minutes today to write down your family's meds and dosages in case of emergency.  Then, pick another 10 min e-prep project for tomorrow!


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8 thoughts on “Create a Medication List: A 10 Min E-Prep Project”

  1. My husband and I each have a prescription card in wallets right behind our drivers licenses that list all our medications and dosages. I also have these listed else in case our wallets are stolen or lost. I update this list every three month, I have also upload this list on my cloud and I have a hard in my bugout binder.

  2. It’s a good idea to have a few copies of this in your binder. If, heaven forbid, more than one person was injured and needed transport/evac, a sheet can be sent with each person.

  3. Thank you so much for adding this post! I cannot tell you how many time as a nurse I have seen patients come in not knowing what medicine they are on not even to mention what dosage. It can be scary and disorienting in an emergency and that is not the time you want to be trying to remember if you take a lisinopril or captopril. This may not seem a big deal to most people, but different drugs, even in the same class have different interactions. Most healthcare providers can print you out a list of your medications with dosages and instructions, so ask when they change/refill your medications.

  4. Well talk about good timing. I just did that this am when I refilled my prescriptions. There was a new option on my healthcare provider’s website that printed out a wallet size card with all my scripts, Dr.’s name and relevant info. It also included allergies and otc. meds that I take. I laminated it and put it in my wallet. Don’t tell anyone I cheated and it only took about 2 minutes!


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