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Update From Courtni: Hey Guys! I’ve been re-evaluating this product and am excited to be testing it at home currently.  Once I think I have an accurate feel for the freeze dryer, I’ll post my thoughts and opinions for our community to consider. I want to make sure I give a fair review that’s helpful for everyone considering the purchase of one. In the meantime, click here to inquire more about the product directly from the manufacturer, and I’ll notify you when I have an update on my evaluation. 


Home freeze dryers, such as the Harvest Right freeze dryer (affiliate) are a hot topic right now in the preparedness industry.  I have someone email me asking me my opinion about them at least once a week.

I thought if that many people are emailing me about it, there are probably many more wondering who haven’t emailed.  So, I thought it was time to write up my thoughts about home freeze dryers in a comprehensive post.

Harvest Right Review | Why I Won't be Buying the Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer - Yet

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What’s Great about the Harvest Right

The Harvest Right home freeze dryer (affiliate), while quite pricey, can be tempting.  Up until the Harvest Right, the only way to preserve food at home was by dehydrating or canning it.  However, there are many benefits to storing freeze-dried food instead.

  • Freeze dried food is more nutritious than dehydrated or canned food because it doesn’t require heat processing.
  • Freeze dried food lasts longer than canned or dehydrated food.
  • Freeze dried foods don’t require any additives/preservatives (sugar/salt).
  • Freeze dried food is easier to use in recipes as freeze drying doesn’t change the texture or size of the food.

The idea of being able to use the Harvest Right home freeze dryer to make your own quality freeze-dried food is exciting!  It means you control what food you preserve, how fresh it is, what preservatives you use, and more.

I am very interested in the technology and will likely purchase one at some point in the future.

I’ve also heard from many, many sources that Harvest Right’s customer service is top notch.  They respond quickly and with all the help you need.

How About You?

I would love to hear your thoughts on the product. Do you have a Harvest Right?  Have you considered Purchasing a Harvest Right (affiliate) Why?  Why not?