Camping is Similar to Moving…..

I mean, you are going from one place to the next, right?  So why not organize it the same?

Anytime you move from house to house, it’s a good idea to put your household items into boxes, then label those boxes for the various rooms they will need to go to in the new place. For example, the kitchen stuff should be put into a box, then labeled, “Kitchen.” In following this routine room to room, you can easily unpack the boxes when you get to your new destination. It will help allow you to put the items away in their appropriate places without running back and forth. It also eliminates the dreaded, “Where is my spatula or coffee pot?” question the second morning into your new living quarters when you haven’t finished unpacking yet. This process makes it easy to organize your new place.

Why should organizing and packing a move be any different than organizing and packing for a camping trip? Instead of scrambling around at the last minute to pack the items you need, pack the items into tubs and label them for various areas of camp. If you do it this way, the family can find exactly what they are looking for at all times, and the only thing you need to plan and pack is the food you plan to eat. To make this even easier, you can also put a laminated list of camping items on each tub. When the trip is over, store the tubs so that they’re ready for the next season. By doing this along with having a last-minute checklist of items, you and the family can be out of the house and on your way in less than 30 minutes.  That alone makes it worth it!  Afterall, the quicker you get out the door, the quicker the fun can begin and memories can be made!

Happy Camping!