One of my very favorite treats when eating out is flavored lemonade.  I always ask if they carry it and which flavors.  Last week was unseasonably hot here in Southern California and I found myself craving lemonade.  I made my own using some lemons we have in our backyard and some sugar.  Then, I started to think….could I flavor these?

I tried adding a couple teaspoons of Thrive freeze dried fruit (crushed to a powder) to my glass of lemonade and it worked wonderfully well!  Yay!  Homemade flavored lemonade that tastes just like one of my favorite treats!

And I’m not just talking about plain old strawberry lemonade!  Think of the possibilities: raspberry peach or strawberry mango, or peach strawberry, maybe blackberry, blueberry!

What a perfect way to avoid wasting any of your Thrive fruit.  Save all that powder at the bottom of the cans!