My Excuse:

I’ve avoided buying food storage in the past because it was just too overwhelming: How much is a one year supply? I can’t even envision it! Once I’ve collected it, how do I maintain it?

  • It can be very difficult to determine just what a 1 year supply is for your family. Do you want to be able to just survive for one year, or would you like to be able to eat just as you do now for a year? There is a HUGE difference. Most calculators will estimate less than 1000 calories / day per person and they don’t take anything in to account but calories.
  • Maintaining your food storage is also overwhelming. It can be difficult to be sure you are eating your oldest food first.
THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance)’s Solutions:
    • The THRIVE Planner. Organization, adjustability and versatility describe this planner! You decide how many calories you want per day for each individual in your family. It will then tell you what you need for a well-balanced 1 year supply including fruits, dairy, meat and vegetables etc. From there, you can customize / edit each individual food group to meet your family’s tastes and needs.
    • The THRIVE Q: Based on the foods in your planner, your Q will automatically (without any maintenance on your part) send you foods each month that fall within a budget you set.


    • While the Q can be completely maintenance free, you can easily edit each shipment to meet your particular needs each month.
  • Shelving Products. THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) got it’s start with their amazing food rotating shelves. They make it very easy to use your oldest food first with their “first in-first out” system.