I do not want to fail at this!  I’ve spent so much time and money on this project, I’d really like to get something from it!  Plus, I really like the self-reliance that comes from having your own (successful) garden.  But, I’ve got yellowing peas, wilting tomatoes, red strawberry leaves, spotted tomato leaves, and onions and carrots that haven’t changed in weeks.

Help Me Solve My Garden Problems!

Could this all be due to the unseasonably cold, wet weather we’ve had here?  Typically it is around 70F during the day & 50F at night which I thought should be fine: no chance of frost etc.   But, for the last month, the highs have only been in the high 50s / low 60s, and of the last 18 days, we’ve had significant rain for 9 of them.

It looks like for the next 10 days we shouldn’t have any rain and temps should be in the mid to high 60s.  Will this save my garden?  Or is something else wrong?

Here are some pictures.  I’d love your thoughts!

  1. Red strawberry leaves (with very few flowers/strawberries).  I have both everbearing and June bearing:
  1. Wilting Tomatoes:
  1. With spotted and discolored leaves:
  1. And a few curled leaves:

But still starting to produce a few tomatoes:

  1. Onions and carrots that have looked exactly like this for 4-5 weeks now:
  1. Peas that are yellowing (the newer ones on the right are greener than the older ones):

Any ideas?  I’m REALLY hoping it is just the weather…..