Happy New Year!

Can you believe it is 2014!?!  I’m not sure I can actually wrap my brain around it.  Time flies!

Last  year, I set some pretty ambitious goals personally and for my blog / business.  And then I had a really hard time keeping up!  2013 through a few curveballs my way personally, health-wise and business-wise.

This year, I’ve decided that although I want to challenge myself, I also want to be a bit more careful.  I want to leave room for all the “curveballs” that life throws at us all!  I want to leave room to be “Calm.”  And that is actually my main “one word” goal this year:  CALM.

Naturally, I’m the exact opposite.  I am go-go-go.  I work hard and feel a bit silly if I’m just sitting “doing nothing.”  But through some of last years “curveballs,” I’m learning just how important having time for CALM can be in our lives.  So, I’m simplifying a bit.  I will only have one main goal in each area of  my life.  This doesn’t mean I won’t do anything else or improve in other ways, but all those “extra” things will take a back seat to each main goal.  I’ll share with you here those “main goals” that apply to my business:

The Blog

I will continue to experiment with (and post the results of) various 100% shelf stable recipes.  By year’s end, I would like to publish another E-book (you can see my first here: Your Own 72 Hour Kit Plan), but this time it will be a recipe book.

It will include 30 dinners, 7 lunches, and 14 breakfast meals, and will provide worksheets, printables and shopping lists to help others plan their food storage around meals instead of around calories.

Since grains are typically the least expensive calories, the meals I make will be grain heavy.  To avoid all recipes having wheat / gluten in them (some will), I will explore a new grain every few months starting with Quinoa in January and February.

My THRIVE Life Team

As a THRIVE Life consultant, I am the leader of a team of other consultants and it is my responsibility to help them / train them in their businesses.  I want to better deserve the trust my team members place in me.  I want to work harder at helping them reach their individual goals instead of encouraging them to have the same goals with their businesses as I do with mine.

As such, I have created an entirely new training system (see it here:  Simple Family Preparedness THRIVE Life Team Training).  I will (1) finish this training program by the end of January, (2) Encourage feedback on the training system from my team, (3) tweak and adjust the training system as necessary throughout the year.

ps….if you are interested in joining my THRIVE Life team (find FAQs about being a THRIVE consultant here), now would be a GREAT time!  I need some new guinea pigs to test out this all new training program!  Plus, it could give you a jump on some other goals: Savings, purchasing preparedness supplies, paying off debt etc).

Preparedness Skill

I always have a HUGE list of these and after I went without electricity and water last year, that list got even larger.  But, I don’t prepare out of fear and I’m not going to obsesses over trying to learn EVERYTHING right now.

The one preparedness skill I would like to master this year is laundry.  And not just laundry (b/c I do that all week), but laundry without water or electricity.  I will be testing out a few different methods and would love any laundry soap recipes you all have!

Food Storage

We are pretty close to having a one year supply of food…a few gaps, but mostly okay.

So this year, I to focus on gardening as part of our food storage program.  I do not plan to master this skill this year, but I do want to get started.  We will be planting numerous fruit trees and planning out a tiered garden box system for a sloped portion of our yard.  I plan to research plants and probably plant a few late season vegetables.  But this year will mostly be spend in research so I am ready to start strong next Spring.

If any of you have a favorite gardening website / blog, I’d love some direction and guidance!


Helping With Your Goals: A Giveaway!Preparedness Goals Giveaway

I’d like to give something to one of you to help with your preparedness goals!  And I’d like you to be able to choose what you get!  So, I will give you a $150 credit to get anything you’d like to from THRIVE Life!  Use it for food, a tent, a water barrel or two.  Anything you like as long as it helps you meet a preparedness goal!

How to enter:

You must do two things to enter this giveaway:

  1. Leave a comment on this post (the one you are reading right now) on the blog and let me know what goal you’d like me to help you reach! Make sure that when you leave your comment in the “It’s Your Turn” box and the end of this post that you copy / paste the code there and check the little box that says you are human!
  2. Make sure you are connected to me somehow. Follow me on facebook, subscribe to the blog in a reader or by email, or sign up for my THRIVE Life Specials Updates. Yes, following me in at least one of these ways is mandatory. Why? Well, I don’t’ want this great gift to go to just anyone! I want it to go to one of you: my loyal readers / customers!  You don’t need to leave a comment for this (I can check it separately), just make sure you do it!

That’s it!  Just take 30 seconds to connect with me and leave me a comment letting me know what you’d get with your $150 credit to help you reach a preparedness goal.


Want Extra Entries?

Sure! Why not? If you are willing to do a little more, you can have a few “extra” entries (up to three entries max (1 mandatory and two extra). Please do not leave more than three comments total as it makes it difficult to count eligible entries:

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