So, way back at the beginning of the year, I set some goals for this blog and I shared those goals with you. Well, I have a confession to make. Smile with tongue out  If you haven’t noticed already, I’m falling quite a bit short of many of those goals.  Sound familiar to anyone else?

How I Set Goals?

I love goals b/c they stretch me and make me grow.  Even if I don’t meet them, I’m usually better off for trying.  I try to do a relatively good job of setting reasonable and reachable goals, but this time I think I really missed the mark in a few areas. 

The main areas where I’m falling short are my goal to have a different series every 2 months and to post more high-quality, relevant, well-researched content.  I also have not yet made the 72-hour kit series available in a printable or e-book format or even started on my 30-day recipe e-book.  And my tips and recipes are not yet searchable.  Bummer!

Why I Couldn’t Achieve My Goals?

So, I have some “excuses” for you.    Well, I guess they could be considered “excuses,” but really they are just the truth.Open-mouthed smile

Ultimately, I WAY underestimated how much time each of those projects would take in order to be done well.  I also underestimated the time, attention, and energy building a new house and moving would take.   So, finding the time to dedicate to my blog goal projects has been much more difficult than I thought it would be.  In addition, I’ve been spending a lot more time mentoring and helping those on my THRIVE Life team of consultants

I’ve been working very hard to help their businesses grow which means I’ve put this part of my business on the back burner.  That has been incredibly rewarding (helping others always is, right?), but has taken a good chunk of my time.  In addition, because of my very strong convictions that my family and kids must come first in my life, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time with them.

Adjustments to My Initial Goals

In the end, I think my goals for this site need a bit of tweaking and simplifying.  Here is what I’m thinking:

  • I’m no longer going to attempt a new series every few months, at least not for now.  Creating a series takes an enormous amount of time to organize.  I see the value in the helpfulness of a series, but creating those series has to take a back burner to other priorities in my life right now.  I will still very likely post on those topics, but not in a full-out organized series way.  I will save that for another year….or maybe I’ll do just one / year instead of SIX!
  • I WILL continue to strive for more high-quality, relevant, and well-researched content.  This may mean I’m only posting once or twice a week in addition to the 72 hr kit series each Wednesday, but my goal will be good content instead of lots of content.  There will be a post most weeks from one of my team members (Francesca, Julie, Andrea, and Brigette).  In addition, I’d like to personally post two additional times each week.  These posts will come from three general areas/topics: (1) Recipes, (2) Product Highlights, and (3) A topic pulled from the list of things in my goals here.
  • I WILL get my tips and recipes organized.  I will likely hire this out though instead of trying to do it myself.
  • I will only work on one e-book / printable this year and save the other for next year.

I need your help!

Last, I have two questions for you!  Would you prefer I work on making the 72-hour kit series or the 30-day recipe book first?  And next, would you like it in printable or e-book format first?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!