I’ve already had a bunch of you tell me that 2012 is going to be YOUR year for food storage or 72 hour kits or preparedness, etc.  I’m excited to hear about all your resolutions, goals, plans, and progress.   The new year will start in just a few days, and I’ve happy New Yeargiven some thought as to what my own goals will be in this area of my life.  I thought I would share them with you here as a way to help me stay accountable and on track.  I will try to “report in” on occasion, but don’t hesitate to check up on me every so often!  I need the support just as much as anyone else!  Rolling on the floor laughing



Our big focus this year in the self-reliance arena will be financial.  Here is what we would like to do by year’s end:

  • Increase our life insurance (we actually just did this last week)
  • Have four months liquid savings in the bank
  • Contribute the max amount to my husbands 401K and an additional Roth IRA


Emergency Prep/Water

  • Triple our water storage
  • Keep our 72 hr kits updated (I’ve always struggled with this, but the 72 hr kit series is really helping me stay on top of it)
  • Purchase a Sun Oven and learn to use it
  • Research and purchase a solar generator (hopefully using free product credit from THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) if they decide to carry the one we want within the next year)


Food Storage

  • Focus on a pantry challenge in January
  • Have a six month supply of freeze dried meat & cheese (we currently have a 2-3 month supply). I’ve already set up my Q to ship only meat and cheese and set my budget so that I will have a six month’s supply by year’s end.
  • Have a full year’s supply of grains, fruits, veggies, beans, and milk (we currently have a 6-9 month supply of most items).  I will use free product benefits from THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) to do this.
  • Re-focus (I used to be the queen of this) on stockpiling grocery items each week that are on sale for a great price.



  • Plant a square foot garden
  • Bake Bread at least weekly (I really need to perfect this…it tastes great, but doesn’t work well as sandwich bread.  I’d love ANY tips you might have!)
  • Finish writing my “food storage tracking” database


How about you?  What skills do you hope to gain?  What equipment do you plan to purchase?  What do you plan to add to your food storage?  How will you improve your water supply?  What about financial security?  Leave a comment and list at least ONE of your preparedness goals for 2012!  I promise it will make you feel more committed! Winking smile


Photo Credit: Free New Year’s Eve Clip Art