Thanksgiving in the palm of your hand

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of thoughts of all the ways you are blessed!  I am blessed in so many ways and I wanted to take just a minute to publicly  share my gratitude:

I Am Grateful For:

My Savior Jesus Christ,  His Atonement for my sins, weaknesses and trials.  His incredible sacrifice offers me so much daily and eternally.  He has changed me and made me better than I could even be otherwise.   Knowing of my own unworthiness for such a gift has  allowed me to be more accepting of others as they struggle to change as well. I am so grateful that because of Christ I, and those around me, can change and become better and more than who we currently are.

The power of God in my daily life.  The tiny moments when I know he is guiding me.  I am especially grateful for His power and guidance in my life as a wife and mother.

My wonderful husband. He understands, accepts and completely fulfills his responsibility as the provider for our family. He also loves me and is willing to sacrifice to make me happy.  He puts me first and give 110% percent to our relationship even when I don’t.  He makes me laugh more than anyone I know and has a way of getting me to relax and enjoy life a little more. (for those of you who know me, you know why this is so amazing) He makes regular efforts to understand me better and change himself in order to make me happier.

My beautiful children
. The fact that they were conceived (we were once told this would never happen). The fact that they are here. The fact that they are perfectly healthy. The opportunity the Lord has given me to do my best to teach them of his love and plan. I can think of no greater blessing than the opportunity to be a mother, and it is a privilege that not everyone gets in this life.  I am deeply grateful for their smiles, giggles, hugs, silly faces, imaginations, patience and most of all their incredibly quick forgiveness when I mess up.

My devoted parents. I will forever be grateful that I was raised in a home where I regularly felt the spirit of God. I am coming to realize more and more what incredible people my parents are. There is an amazing spirit in their home and I am slowly coming to understand how hard they have worked/are working to make it that way. My parent put nothing before each other and their children. Few parents take their responsibility as seriously as mine do.

My supportive siblings. I love each of my brothers and sisters. I would call them my dearest friends. We can laugh, cry, play together, and learn from each other.

Living in the USA, and the opportunities that affords: I can worship as I want, learn and improve myself as I wish, speak my mind, and live free of oppression. I am grateful to those who have sacrificed to make it so.

The ability and opportunity to be self reliant, prosperous and charitable.  This has become far easier since I started this blog & joined THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) as a consultant.  I earn free food every month that I add to our “home store.”   I earn income that allows us to pay down debt and build up savings.  And I regularly have the opportunity to share some of those blessing with others.  It feels so good to be in a position where I have more than I need and can give back.  I’ve not always been in that situation, but this business has provided that for us and I am grateful.

And this is all possible because of YOU: my readers, subscribers and customers.  Please know that I am so very grateful for you.

And lots of small things:

And now some less obvious, but significant things.  I am grateful for:

  • two, four and six year old imaginations
  • sibling hugs and kisses between my kids
  • a clean kitchen in the morning
  • chocolate ice cream and berries
  • hot baths and a good book
  • the sound of running water…rivers and streams and the peace it can bring me
  • blogs/facebook/staying in touch with friends
  • long walks and fresh air
  • the fact that my kids love being the “Marsh Family”
  • naps, blankets and warm beds
  • imperfect, but good mothers as friends
  • lots of closet space
  • the words “It’s okay Mom”
  • the smell on rainy days
  • amazing school teachers
  • imperfectly colored, but sincerely given pictures from my kids
  • hot chocolate while it is snowing
  • cheese (it is my favorite food)
  • the way my husband belly laughs over ridiculous movies
  • big open windows
  • the color yellow
  • freshly vacuumed floors
  • board games and the laughs they bring
  • thrive Brownie mix
  • knock knock jokes told by 6 year olds that don’t really “get them
  • the cleanliness of white
  • the ability to learn new things every day
  • 6 year olds that seek out those with “no friends” at school
  • having my arms “tickled” by my husband and kids when I stressed
  • otter pops
  • other adults who love my children
  • music and it’s ability to affect my mood
  • watching my 6 year old teach my 4 year old to read
  • the beauty of the world we live in and the evidence that is of God’s love
  • good books

When I take a minute to focus on it, I can’t even put into words how grateful I am.  I have so much.  Where much is given, much is required. My commitment to doing God’s will and striving to bless the lives of others has been renewed as I have thought about all these blessings: my blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving

How about you?  What are you grateful for?