Is THRIVE Life’s Commission plan overwhelming?

This post is part of a series of posts about THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance), pyramid schemes and MLMs.  Read more here: THRIVE Life: Is it a pyramid scheme, MLM, or something else?

Concern #2: Don’t All MLMs Have Overwhelming Complicated Commission Plans?

Most compensation plans that I have seen for MLMs are very difficult to understand.  There are often 10+ ways to make money.  A few examples: Commission up to 10 or more levels, Bonuses for starting quickly, Rebates, Car Packages, Matching Bonuses, Leadership Bonuses, “Fast Track” Advancements, Group Volume bonuses, Team volume bonuses etc.  Overwhelmed yet?

In addition, you often have to meet all sorts requirements in order to earn: minimum # of parties / events, minimum number of consultants on your team, a minimum # of certain consultants with a certain number of people on their team etc.  It can be very overwhelming and disheartening.

I’ve had friends with other MLMs tell me that they don’t have any idea how to calculate how much they will earn each month, they are just excited when they get their “surprise” check.

That was not something that would work for me.  I did not want a commission plan that felt more like a “game” than a business. I want to know exactly what I need to do in order to earn.  That way I would know what to focus on each month / week / day and could be more productive with my time.

Answer to Concern #2:

The THRIVE Life commission plan is very simple.  I could explain it to you in 5 minutes or less.  In addition THRIVE Life provides a very realistic “commission calculator” as part of their training program.  Using this calculator, you can enter what you plan to do as a consultant (# of parties you will have each month, # of Qs you think you will sell etc) and it will tell you how much you will earn over time.  As you change what you plan to do, your projected earnings change.  This can be very helpful in understanding exactly what you need to focus on each month in order to earn!


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