How to get the best bang for your buck from your Thrive Q:

As your Thrive consultant (you can read why I only sell Thrive Food here), it is my goal to make certain that my customers (you!) get the best tools and information on using and purchasing Thrive Foods.

As such, here are seven tips to help you make the most of your Thrive Q.  If you do not yet have a Thrive Q, you can learn more about this “set it and forget it” grocery or food storage shipment program here: “What is this thing called the Q?”  If you are ready to start a Q, you can do so here: Start My Thrive Q.


1.  Use the Monthly Q-Pon

Each month THRIVE discounts one product significantly below the regular “party” price.   If the Q-Pon is for a product you love, make sure you purchase it that month.  Add it to your Q, or make a separate purchase.  This is typically the lowest price you will see on that product.  You will get an email early each month announcing the Q-Pon (typically 20%-30% off retail) and other monthly specials (typically 5%-15% off retail).  You can find the most current Q-Pon here.

2.  Set your Q to ship at the right time

After seeing what the Q-Pon and specials are for the month, you may want to change what you have set to ship in order to take advantage of the sales.  If your Q is set to ship during the first week of the month, you may not have time to edit that month’s shipment and may need to make a separate purchase (and pay double shipping) to take advantage of the sale prices.  Also, avoid setting your Q to ship around the 15th as that is a really busy day and it will take longer to ship.

3.  Take Advantage of Shipping Brackets.

Did you know that it costs the same to ship $80 worth of product as it does to ship $5 worth of product?  Make purchases and set your Q Budget right at the top of a shipping bracket in order to maximize your shipping dollar.   Use the following chart to help you maximize your shipping:

4. Use your Q points on deeply discounted products.

If you are a member of the Q-Club (free for anyone with a Q budget of $100+), then you are earning “Q points” (3% earned on every dollar spent) each time your Q ships.  These points can only be redeemed on orders placed outside of your Q.  Since these points apply to the sale price and not the retail price, it is best to use them on deeply discounted items.


5. Take advantage of case pricing.

Thrive Life offers most products in cases of six #10 cans of the same item. If you purchase a case you will automatically save 5% off of the already discounted Q pricing.  This is a great way to stock up when a product you love is on sale!