Welcome! I’m Courtni

Mama Bear

Hi there! My name is Courtni! I’m a Mama bear to  five-year old Willow Grace. We like to stay busy with outdoor adventures, gardening, dancing, and having picnics. I am a DIY mom winging this journey of motherhood. I spend my days working from home for a web design company, with Willow close by, prepping for kindergarten in the fall.

I have a knack for fun crafts and outdoor nature learning. My idea of the perfect day would be a Sunday slow morning with some vinyl records and coffee, followed by kayaking with my family on the river, homemade fruit popsicles, a healthy cook out and a movie in the backyard.. those days are few and far between with our busy schedules. However, it is important to slow down and enjoy every moment you get with your children, as time really does fly! I am always looking for creative ways to make motherhood simple, fun and memorable.


It Hit Me

Just as many of you, I was reading an article and reflecting on my family and daughter when the realization that I wasn’t fully prepared for emergency situations hit me. I began to research and learn more about emergency preparedness with a determination to be able to ensure my family’s safety in any circumstance. I was immediately terrified. There was such a wide range of information and suggestions, and my original desire to find resources to prepare my family for an emergency became an overwhelming fear and state of confusion. Advanced, “hard-core” prepping was not what I was looking for. I did not intend to build a bunker underground and fight off post-apocalyptic zombies. I was just a mom wanting to be prepared and take care of her family. I couldn’t find that anywhere until I came across Simply Family Preparedness.

Continuing Service

Finding Simple Family Preparedness put my mind at ease. I discovered a community of women just like me, looking to simply care for their families and prepare for situations while ensuring their safety. I am beyond humbled that I have the opportunity to continue on with Misty’s work and helping thousands of families along the way. Reach out, comment, contact me, share your ideas, and let’s keep growing a strong, ready community.

I’d Love to Help You Too!

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