Original Owner and Founder


Simple Family Preparedness was founded by Misty, a mom looking for solutions to ensure her family was prepared for emergencies, without the doomsday prepping. Her specialty has been helping busy families (especially those new to emergency preparedness) take small, consistent steps that bring big results in their level of preparedness over time. Through her story below, you’ll understand why Simple Family Preparedness has given a piece to mind for thousands like her. 


Misty’s Story

I’m a mom!

I am a mom. I have four crazy, fun and beautiful children. I do laundry and clean dirty toilets. I wipe tears. I play hide and seek and have dance parties. Somehow the coats never make it onto their hooks in the coat closet, and there is always at least one glob of toothpaste somewhere in the kids bathroom.

There is never a dull moment in our home and always a reason to laugh.

I am a Mormon (officially called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and a firm believer in my Savior Jesus Christ.

I love cheese, hot baths, hiking and music. I have a knack for organizing, and sometimes get a bit carried away with it to my husband’s dismay.

My View on Preparedness is Simple

I am not a “hard-core prepper.” I don’t have a bunker anywhere. I don’t believe in zombies. I don’t forage for food. I avoid acronyms like SHTF, BOB, or TEOTWAWKI.

I am passionate about helping busy families who are new to emergency preparedness find big results in their level of preparedness over time by taking small, consistent steps.

I also firmly believe that deepening our relationship with our Heavenly Father / God and Jesus Christ is the most important type of preparation we can make.

I Felt Stuck

Back in 2007 my husband and I left good jobs and moved to another state so he could start law school. A few weeks later, we had twin boys.

I realized I wasn’t prepared to care for those boys in emergency situations. I wasn’t confident that I could provide for them without relying on other people.

That left me feeling anxious. I loved those two darling boys and I knew it was my responsibility to care for them – I couldn’t leave that to others.

So, I spent weeks and weeks researching and learning about emergency preparedness.

Sadly, I quickly became overwhelmed by all the information and conflicting opinions I found online. There was a lot of “advanced prepping” (scary) information – and I felt vulnerable and panicky.

There certainly wasn’t any simple, down to earth information that I felt fit me – just a normal mom wanting to do her best to be ready to care for her kids.

I felt stuck.

Small Steps Are Okay

Eventually I realized two things:

1). I had a wonderful life that I wanted to spend time enjoying! I wanted emergency preparedness to fit into that life, not overtake it.

2). God would help. He is my Father. That means:

  • He expects me to do my best and
  • He won’t necessarily save me from every bad thing because he knows I can learn from them. But He can and will use hard times and even tragedies to school me and mold me into who He knows I can be.

Those ideas helped me re-group and focus. I could only do my best.

I tried things that others recommended. I experimented. And then I began to create systematic, step by step ways of getting my family prepared for emergencies.

Helping Others

Friends started asking for help and in 2010 I began sharing the things I was learning and they systems I was creating online here – at Simple Family Preparedness in an effort to help.

I found that there were many other moms looking for simplicity – not crazy “prepping”. Many other families who wanted to get better prepared, but weren’t sure where to start. Many others who felt overwhelmed and stuck.

Since 2010, I have helped thousands of these families – many of whom are now friends – become better prepared while enjoying their everyday life.