I’m taking a break from preparedness centered post today to focus just a bit in Christ as we celebrate His birthday.  #ASaviorIsBorn

I sincerely hope that you feel the love and warmth of Christmas this year.

I know that not all of you are christian and may not celebrate Christmas as I do.  But even if that is the case, I hope that you will still enjoy this email as Christ has something to offer everybody.  Whether you believe him to be a simple honorable man, a chosen prophet, or the Son of God (as I do), the life He lived and the things he taught serve as a beautiful example for us to emulate in our homes and communities.

As we follow His example of love, generosity, patience, and selflessness, we will find strength, comfort, peace, stability and hope.

Yes, this can (and should) be done every day of the year, but I love the Christmas season because it helps me to re-focus my life on what truly matters.  I enjoy focusing on my family, spending more time with them giving and receiving love, generosity, patience, and selflessness.

Since I can’t actually reach out and give each of you a physical gift, I thought that instead, I’d share with you three of my favorite Christmas Videos.  I hope that at least one of them touches you!  Merry Christmas!


Reflections of Christ

This is a video we watch each Christmas Eve in our home.  It was created using actual images taken by Mark Mabry, which depict scenes from the life of Jesus Christ.  I love these images paired with the beautiful hymn “Come Thou Fount.”  For me, it brings to life the history of the Savior’s life and motivates me to better follow Him.  I hope that you enjoy it!

A Savior Is Born

Christ loved children.  This is a video of children and youth quoting bible verses about the Savior.  They talk about how Christ is a Savior for all of us everywhere.  He is my Savior and because he is, I can change and grow and improve.  I’m not stuck in the consequences of my mistakes and sins.  I am so deeply grateful for that.

Nearer, My God, To Thee

This isn’t specific to Christmas, but it is beautiful and motivating.  The images are set to one of my favorite hymns of all time: Nearer, My God, to Thee. The images portray moments when Jesus Christ personally reached out to those who needed His help, love, and understanding. I often sing the words of this hymn to myself as a silent prayer as I struggle to be more like Him.