Interested in which Thrive food products are the best?  Here is my personal Thrive foods review:

I’ve gotten this question (or something similar to it) almost daily for the past two weeks.   I posted an answer a few months ago, but seeing as how I’ve been getting so many questions about this, I thought it would be worth reposting here.  Even those familiar with food storage are often unfamiliar with Thrive foods.  It has taken me months to use them enough to come up with this list of my favorites.  I hope you find it helpful, and I would love feedback on what your favorites are!  Just leave a comment.

Great Deals Ahead!
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Okay, on to my favorite products:

These are my kid’s absolute favorite fruit.  They really like all the fruits, but bananas are the most requested.  They are much sweeter and more flavorful than the banana chips.
As far as the fruits go, these are my personal favorite.  I’ve always loved peaches, and I can eat these cup fulls at a time.
I use these almost daily in soups, casseroles, sauces, etc.  I haven’t bought (or thrown out) an onion since I started using them.  They also save time since I no longer have to chop/dice my onions.  The freeze dried version are far more flavorful than the dried onions I’ve used before.
Same reason as the onions!
I use a lot of tomato paste, sauce, and juice.  Using the tomato powder costs less than purchasing these items at the grocery store, and it avoids waste.  I only mix exactly what I need to use instead of throwing out half a can of unused paste or sauce.
I have a wheat grinder, so I grind my own 100% wheat flour from this wheat and use it in almost all my baking.  It adds heath and fiber to our family’s diet w/o affecting the taste of our baked goods (as opposed to red wheat)
Cheese is my favorite food group, so I could really list all the cheeses here, but Monterey Jack is probably the one I use the most: in sauces, soups, enchiladas, flautas etc.

Instant Milk
I use this every single week.  We go through about 8 gallons of milk a week around here.  I can’t fit more than six in my fridge.  So, at the end of each week, I just mix up a couple gallons of Thrive instant milk and no one knows the difference.  It is that good!

Meat / Beans:

Who wouldn’t like pre-cooked, pre-chopped/shredded chicken?  This saves me enormous amounts of time when making soups, salads, or enchiladas etc.
I have replaced all eggs that I use in baking with THRIVE egg powder with NO difference in the results.  These eggs cost just over $1 a dozen, so I am saving myself some money!
Confession:  Brownie batter (not brownies) is my weakness.  I love brownie batter.  But before THRIVE brownies, I always had to make an entire batch just to get a few tablespoons of batter.  Then I would cook up the brownies, but they would go uneaten.  Now?  I just spoon out a few tablespoons of batter, add some water and enjoy!  No laughing allowed!

How about you?  What are favorites have you discovered since you started using THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance)’s Thrive food?  What about other food storage favorities?

Not sure you have any favorites yet and want a place to start?  Try this fun worksheet.