It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on my pantry challenge.  We had a few bumps in the road, but have actually done pretty well.  Well enough that I’m going to continue shopping this way for a while.  Shopping from my pantry first makes it so much easier to stick to a budget.  We are able to live on what we have (mostly) and spend our budget on things that are on sale instead.  We don’t have to pay full price for anything.  I used to shop this way!  How did I forget how great it really is?

I’m still linking up with Jessica from Good Cheap Eats

The week my Mom and sister were here, I’d had planned well (you can read about the plan here) and we did great.  Well, we did great until we all got sick and had to run to the store for popsicles, bananas and 7up.   Other than that quick trip (which my mom actually did), I didn’t go to the store for almost 2 weeks!  So, here is how I”ve done on my goals since my last update:


Goal #1: Find “holes” in my home store / food storage:

Sick foods!  I didn’t really have any quick, easy to eat stomach flu type foods.  I’d like to have a stock of popsicles (which we rarely eat otherwise), 7up / Pedialite / gatorade etc.  Had my Mom not been here my husband or I would have had to run to the store sick to pick those up  (not my idea of fun).  I will be stocking up on a few of those items next time they go on sale.

Goal #2: Build my Stockpile

Last week, I was still playing catchup from being sick and I spent a lot of time planning our garden, so “couponing” took a back seatSo, I decided to make a Costco run instead.  I only needed about $20 for essentials last week, so I spent the rest stocking up on things we like from Costco: things that keep us from eating out and help us live within our budget.  I spent just under $80 on potstickers, egg rolls, meatballs, yogurt, extra sharp cheese, frozen fruit, and chocolate chips Smile.  We are stocked up for a while!

Goal #3: Learn what not to buy

I’m really having a hard time eating the last of our canned veggies: especially with all the THRIVE veggies in the house.  I’d already decided not to buy them anymore, but this has been a great reminder: no one in our household likes them.  We just don’t.  We much prefer fresh / freeze dried.  We will get through them though…not gonna waste ‘em!


This week’s Plans:

I won’t likely be posting this every week (it takes a while), but thought I’d do it once more (and every so often in the future).  Do you find it helpful?

We have a LOT of chicken in our freezer and are currently lacking on most other meats as we used up all our roasts two weeks ago.  We are also out of fish.   So, we will be eating a lot of chicken until some other things go on sale.  I also got a $10 off coupon for Vons this week that I will be using, and by spending at least $75 at Vons, I will be given another $10 off coupon to use next week!

Dinner Meals:

  • Saturday: Green Chili Ckn
  • Sunday: Chicken Marsala & Asparagus
  • Monday: Russian Chicken

    Beef Enchiladas

    Photo Credit: Mdid

  • Tuesday: Breakfast Sandwiches and French toast
  • Wednesday:  Beef Enchiladas
  • Thursday: Chicken Rolls
  • Friday: Fajita Chicken Alfredo

What I will have to buy:

  • Apple Juice (for the Ckn Marsala)
  • Bagels (for breakfast sandwiches)
  • French Bread (for French toast)
  • Asparagus
  • Fresh Fruit

What I’m stocking up on with sales / coupons:

  • Pretzels at $1.60 / bag
  • Shredded Cheese at $5 for 32 oz
  • Ritz Crackers at $1.49
  • Sour Cream at $1.29 for 16 oz
  • Welch’s Grape Juice for $0.99
  • Granola Bars for $1 / box
  • Crunchy Nut, Chex, Life and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal for $1-$1.49 / box
  • Kleenex for $0.88 / box
  • Go-Gurt for $1.00 / box
  • Bacon for $2.25 / pkg
  • Frozen Pizza for $2.79  / ea (these are one of those things that keep us from eating out on a really crazy night)