Introducing: Project Preparedness!MoneyBeltB

One big reason people put off becoming more prepared is the cost. This month, as THRIVE Life consultants, we are hoping to help solve this problem for you, your family and your friends through “Project Preparedness.” We’d like to help as many people as possible become more prepared than they were last month. We’d especially like to help them get food and water supplies.

When we aren’t prepared (for tomorrow’s dinner or next week’s soccer game, or next year’s job loss, or a possible natural disaster, etc.), we worry about those unknown things and have much more stress in our lives. On the other hand, when we are prepared, we are better able to live stress free, provide for ourselves, and give back to others.

We believe most people “get” this, but there is that pesky cost issue that holds them back from doing more.


Solution #1: Save up to 50%

Black Friday copy

THRIVE Life will be having an incredible sale over Black Friday weekend. During this sale, every single Thrive food item will be on sale below the normal “lowest price.” (the price you would pay if you went to a THRIVE class). In addition, many e-prep items and food rotation systems will be on sale! Some items will be as much as 50% off! This yearly sale is the BEST time to purchase and stock up on food storage and other preparedness items! You will not find a lower price any other time of the year on any item.

As part of “project preparedness,” we’d like to ask for your help in getting the word out about this sale to as many people as possible. There are people you know and interact with every day that we simply can’t reach without your help. We want them to be able to get products they need for half the price!


Solution #2: FREE Products

To show our appreciation, we will give you 10% back in FREE Thrive product on any orders you and your friends place! And if your orders total at least $400, we will also give you additional products at 50% off retail (you choose the products). *You and at least 2 of your referrals must make a purchase to receive your free and 50% off product..

Here is a scenario of what could happen:MoneyCartB

  • You make a $300 purchase during Black Friday and save 25%-50% off retail meaning you get $400-$600 in product for $300!
  • Your friend Jane makes a $200 purchase
  • Your friend Mary makes a $500 purchase
  • You earn $100 in additional FREE product. So, now you are getting $500-$700 in product for $300!
  • You also earn up to $150 in additional product at 50% off (you can choose any product(s) you’d like). That brings your total up to $650-$850 in product for for $375!

That is a pretty sweet deal! And your friends and family can do the same thing. Let’s say your friend Jane refers two friends who purchase $200 each, she would earn an additional $60 in FREE product and $100 in 50% off in addition to the $200 she already got at a discounted price! So she would get $430-$560 in product for $250! *Free and 50% off product is calculated at retail price, not sale price.

Hopefully, these two solutions this month will make stocking up on food and water supplies easier for many of you!


How to Participate:

1. Email your THRIVE Life consultant and let them know that you will be participating so they can set things up correctly for you.
2. Get the word out to your family and friends!
  • Print this flyer and hand it out at work, school, soccer practice, etc.
  • Post a link to the flyer on facebook.
  • Send this email to those in your email contacts list.
  • Make sure you give them a link to this page ( so they know they can earn free product too!
3. Make sure you and your friends join your consultants mailing list so you get early notification of the sale. This way, you can pre-order and make sure you get what you want before things sell out. Just email your consultant and let them know you’d like to join!
4. Send out a quick reminder on Black Friday (the day the sale starts) to any friends who have not pre-ordered.
5. When your friends order, tell them to order through your consultant’s website and then email your consultant with their order number and your name so that the order gets credited to you. 
6. Place an order for your free product.

After the Black Friday sale is over, your consultant will email you a total of all the free product you earned. Decide what you want, email them and they will place your free product order for you! *You will pay shipping.