I’ve just planned my shopping for this weekend, and I’ve got another fun post planned for Saturday (SO EXCITED!), so I thought today would be a good time to update you on my pantry challenge.  I’m still linking up with Jessica from Good Cheap Eats

This week has gone pretty well.  I’ve learned a few things.  Here is how I’ve done on my goals:


Goal #1: Find “holes” in my home store / food storage:

The kids and I decided to make chocolate chip cookies a couple nights ago.  I had every ingredient including powdered shortening!  Well, I had every ingredient right up until the end that is.  Oops.  I was out of chocolate chips!  So sad.  So rare!  I keep bags of them in the freezer.  I just hadn’t noticed I’d used the last of them.  Not to fear though, we had some leftover Hershey’s bars from the smore’s we’d made around Halloween.  We broke those up and added them right in.  Milk chocolate instead of semi-sweet.  Yum!

Obviously, chocolate chips aren’t an essential part of my home store, but they sure are nice to have!  I need to come up with a better way to keep track of inventory so that I know when I’ve used the last of something.  For now, I’ve taped a blank piece of paper to the inside of the pantry door so that when I pull that last of something out of the pantry and into the kitchen cupboard, I can write it down and be sure I get more soon.


Goal #2: Build my Stockpile

I was able to stock up on cheerios, tortillas, chicken breast and even potatoes last week.  Obviously, the potatoes won’t last forever, but they will last for a while and were at a good price.  I didn’t quite spend our entire $100 budget last week though b/c I wasn’t willing to go to more than two stores and there just weren’t that many amazing deals.


Goal #3: Learn what not to buy

I found two boxes of croutons in the very back of my pantry this week.  Both opened.  Both unfinished.  Probably won’t be buying those again.  Anyone have any great uses for really old, stale croutons?


Other thoughts:

Our leftovers went further than I thought they would and I only ended up making 5 of the 7 meals I’d planned.  I will roll the other 2 over to next week.


This week’s plans:

Meal Plans:

Breakfast & Lunch:

Same as last week

pantry challenge chicken parmesan

Photo Credit: TheHungryDudes

My sister has been living in Philadelphia for the last 18 months as an LDS missionary.  She just got back and is coming to visit us next week.  I had to plan her favorite meal: Nachos and I didn’t have tortilla chips or the cheese required (Velveeta), so that got added to the list this week for that reason!  She also really likes Mexican food, so that is why we are having 3 Mexican meal this week!

  • Saturday: Chicken Parmesan (from last week)
  • Sunday: Pot Roast, Mashed potatoes and green salad (still have some greens left.  I will cook two roasts and use the extra later in the week)
  • Monday: BBQ Ckn Sandwiches (from last week)
  • Tuesday: Nachos (using leftover roast from Sunday)
  • Wednesday:  Green chili chicken enchiladas
  • Thursday: Flautas (using leftover roast from Sunday)
  • Friday: Stir Fry

What I will have to buy:

  • Tortilla chips
  • Velveeta
  • Fresh fruit for snacks (explained why last week)
  • Whole milk for my 1 yr old (the rest of us will drink THRIVE Instant milk)
  • Yogurt (for breakfast, also explained why last week)
  • Frozen Veggies (for the stir fry)

What I’m stocking up on with sales / coupons:

  • 4 Nabisco crackers @ $1.29 / box
  • 4 Life Cereal @ $1.39 / box
  • 2 HB of Oats cereal at $1.49 / box
  • 2 Hormel Lunchmeat @ $3.50 / lb
  • 4 Margarine @ $0.75 / lb (yes, I know I shouldn’t be buying margarine, but butter is SO much more expensive!)
  • 1 Eggs @ $1.50 /18 ct (we eat a lot of over easy eggs around here)
  • 4 Alfredo sauce @ $1 / jar
  • 2 Jimmy Dean Sausage rolls @2.25 each (not a great deal, but we use it 2-3 times / month in spaghetti or lasagna and I’m out.  This is a decent price)
  • 1 Colgate for FREE (with coupon)
  • 3 Apple juice @ $1.99 (not an amazing price, but this is a HUGE treat for me…keeps me from eating / craving soda or ice cream instead!)
  • Bacon @ $7.99 for 3 lbs


Are you taking the challenge?  How are things going for you?