Paying it Forward

Since becoming a THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) Consultant in November of 2010, I’ve earned a lot of free product which has helped our family become more self reliant.  In addition, the income I’ve earned has helped us build a home and build up savings.  In other words, I’ve been blessed!  And where “much is given, much is required.”   I’m excited to step it up a notch this month, and “pay it forward” to some great families.

Thank You All!

I want to offer a very sincere THANK YOU to those of you who helped me with my Paying it Forward promotion this last month.  Thank you for spreading the word about this opportunity.  Thank you for purchasing supplies through my THRIVE Life  store and therefore helping to donate supplies to others.  Thank you!

Most of all, thank you all for the fabulous nominations you sent in this last month!   There are so many good people in this world!  So many people who are doing the best they can and then doing a little more to help others.

SO Difficult!

Choosing who to “pay this forward” to has been so incredibly tough…and wonderful…and touching…and tear jerking…Just read a bit from some of the nominations I received:

My sister kept my daughter the first 10 months of her life after I unexpectedly had to go back to work full time when she was only 4 weeks old. They have helped me move numerous times, cared for my yard, painted my home, prepared meals for me, etc. They do this for all their family and friends. And they do it quietly with no fanfare or expectation of praise. When there is a need, they do their best to meet it.


They have dug out a root cellar using their own strength and shovels, started bee keeping, planted their own garden, started raising chickens.


They don’t have their kids in extra activities and always have to examine their budget before they go or do anything fun. They are very good at not letting this affect their children in a negative way, instead they find creative ways to get things for their children. One example is that their daughter wanted to take dance lessons (which were NOT in their budget) so the mother went to the studio and asked if their were some jobs she could do around the dance studio that she could do in trade for dance lessons for her daughter.


For the last two years she and her kids have struggled to make ends meet. After her husband left her with 4 kids and 1 on the way she had to dig into her food storage.  Her baby is now 2 yrs old and she just got accepted into the Radiology Tech program in our area. The next 2 1/2 years she will be in school 40 hours a week, trying to balance school/kids etc.  A few months back we had a party for my daughter and their family was invited. My father in law took us to a “fast food” Mexican restaurant where my kids love the nachos. My FIL bought 3 things of nachos. It was so sweet watching her kids, big eyes enjoying the food. I asked them if they liked the food, they responded, “oh yeah, we have never had this before.”


Their home was flooded to the roof and is still full of water. There house has been confirmed condemned and they cannot return home. Their house will be demolished and they have to start over.


He rides his bike EVERY morning to work.  I know they are also debating if they should move into a smaller apartment. I really admire them because she tells me that they pray as a family and will do whatever the Lord wants for them. Their children are the most well mannered children I have ever met. Their parents teach them well. In fact they are the best examples to my children. They make the best of their situation.


She has become really into essential oils. She has become a consultant recently Since they don’t have medical insurance, she now collects oils and this has become something she relies on to help her family when they are sick. She tells me that this a great way to have medicine in a case of emergency.



My sister has always had a focus on being prepared for emergencies. Five years ago she put a first aid kit on her Christmas wish list and I gladly got it for her-I knew how excited she would be!!! And she was!! One of the major reasons they bought their home was because it had a large storm cellar-large enough for friends and family. This spring they stocked it with supplies like water, food, weather radio, and even a small television.


I know they save up for items they want in order to pay cash for them. For example, they needed a new couch because their old one was in really bad condition (becoming unsafe for the children) and they saved for over a year to be able to buy a new one with cash.


They always invite her children’s friends over. She is always trying to get the neighborhood kids together.  She also volunteers her time at her children’s school.  They are great parents and always striving to teach their kids… and others around them. I see her talk to the kids in the neighborhood about having manners and how they should behave with adults. I know she teaches her kids to be examples around them as well. They are giving people. They do simple little acts of service around them. She is the friendliest and most non judgmental lady I have met. Always positive with a smile. Even though he doesn’t make enough at his current job, he always ends up staying after work to talk to those that needs his help and advice, and he does not make any overtime or have paid holidays. He believes that these little things make a difference and that he enjoys helping people.


My sister has helped my parents with the family business and baked and decorated birthday and wedding cakes to make extra money for her family. My brother-in-law does side jobs in the summer to cover needed expenses.

They just kept coming and coming!  There are so many fantastic, hard working, giving people around us that would truly benefit from and deserve this gift!  So, you can see that I”ve had tough week trying to decide who our recipient should be.  And really, this is is OUR gift!  So many of you helped out by spreading the news, purchasing from my site, nominating families.  Thank you so very much!

So many of these families have inspired me!  They work hard.  They give of their means and of themselves to others.  They trust and have faith in God.  They work to be self reliant.  I am grateful for their examples and the motivation they have providing for me to be a bit more like them.  I hope that the efforts we have all made this month to provide some preparedness supplies for a few of them will enable them to continue in their incredible efforts.

Choosing The Recipient:

During the month of July, with your help, I was able to earn $1053 in free product to give to a deserving family!  I tried to be careful and fair in choosing a recipient.  I had 3 others read through all the nominations and rate each one in the three categories (need, efforts toward self-reliance, charity) on a scale of 1-5.  I did the same.  Then we all totaled our scores (max was 15) and averaged them.

So, the family with the “highest score” will soon get $1053 in FREE food!  I will be contacting them today.  While I cannot give details about the family here (I promised I’d keep all nominations private), I hope you know that they are very deserving.  This family has a financial need, but even in their need, they have found a way to both prepare for the future, be self-reliant, and give to to others regularly.  I hope you can just imagine what a difference this will make for them!  I am certain they will find a way to share their gift with others.

But I ran into the really great problem I mentioned before.  There were too many deserving families nominated!


Spreading the Gifts

Ultimately, I could not choose just one recipient.  There were so many!  So, I appealed to a bunch of other THRIVE Life consultants to see if any of them would want to “sponsor” one of these fantastic families and give away some free product.  Julie Buckner from Our THRIVE Life, who is not on my Thrive Life team, jumped right up and said she would LOVE to sponsor a family.  I was so touched by how quickly she volunteered and how willing she was to give without asking for anything in return.  She did not ask for a link to her site or a mention of her name.  She simply wanted to help.

In addition to being a very hardworking THRIVE Life consultant, Julie is a wife and mother to five children 4 years old and under!  They’ve joined her family through both birth and foster care adoption.  That alone to me says that she is incredible.  If you are considering purchasing THRIVE products or becoming a THRIVE Life consultant, I would highly recommend you consider purchasing from Julie or joining her team! 

So, Julie will be giving a fantastic gift to another very deserving family this month.  She will be contacting them today.  Thank you so very much Julie!


A Fun Surprise

But still, I was not satisfied.  I had to do more for a few of these families.  So, I’ve decided to give away 3 additional “gifts.”

I will be giving a one year $100 / month THRIVE Q-Club membership to three additional families.  Each month for one full year, these families will have $100 in free food of their choice shipped to their doorstep!  Isn’t that fun?!

As mentioned before, I can’t give details about the families here, but I will be contacting each of these families today.  With their permission I may share some of their reactions.  I can’t wait for these phone calls!  I know each of these families is so deserving of these gifts.  Their ability to find ways to be self-reliant and give to others even when in need themselves is incredible!


Thank You Again

Once I again, I want to thank each of you who help support this promotion in any way.  I’m so very grateful and I’m sure these families will be too!  I hope that you’ve enjoyed being a part of this!