Product Highlight: Freeze Dried Pineapple

A Review: My thoughts about Freeze Pineapple

It is addicting!  This is hands down the most popular product at my parties / cooking classes.  I don’t think I’ve met anyone who doesn’t like it.

It is extremely sweet and makes for a great snack.  Since is has the same nutrition as fresh pineapple, it makes for a very healthy way to satisfy that sweet tooth!

You may wonder what it looks like dry.  It is very different from dehydrated pineapple.  Remember, this is 100% pineapple with no additives / preservatives.  It looks just like fresh pineapple, but without the water:

How to Hydrate it:

I don’t use it hydrated very often, but here are a few tips:

  • Don’t use too much water, or you will dilute the flavor.
  • The tops (smaller end) are the hardest part (take the longest) to hydrate.  I use just a enough hot water to cover those “tops” and then turn the pineapple over half way through:
  • It will likely take 30+ minutes to fully hydrate your pineapple.
  • Let them dry for just a minute on a paper towel once hydrated so they aren’t to “soggy.”

And just to emphasize, freeze dried pineapple is not at ALL like canned pineapple.  Canned pineapple tends to have almost a bit of a sour taste.  This freeze dried pineapple is super sweet and the texture is fantastic!  Just look at the difference:

Helpful Info / Conversions:

I store and use THRIVE Pineapple Chunks. As such, everything else I mention below will be about THRIVE Pineapple Chunks


Each #10 can contains about 12 cups of dry pineapple. It does not expand when you add the water.

Price vs grocery store?

If you compare it to canned pineapple, it is nearly twice as much.

It is about the same price as fresh pineapple.

See current pricing here.


*Current through July ‘13.

Sizes Available:

Pantry Can: About 2.5 cups by volume dry or the equivalent of two 20 oz cans of pineapple at the grocery store once hydrated.

#10 Can: About 12 cups by volume dry or the equivalent of about twelve 20 oz cans of pineapple at the grocery store once hydrated.

Case: Six #10 cans (or about seventy-two 20 oz cans). Save an additional 5% when you purchase it in a case

Find All Sizes Here

Shelf Life:

25 years unopened and 12 months opened.



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