Product Highlight: Southwestern Style Chicken & Rice


Don’t these look good?


Yum!  And they are HEALTHY!  Baked not fried! I found the original recipe over at Menu Musing via Pinterest. Gotta love Pinterest. I made them for dinner last week and they were a HIT. We loved them. And thanks to THRIVE, I was able to make them even quicker than Julie! (author of Menu Musing)


So Fast!….

Want to know how to make them in just minutes?

Step 1. Use these like Julie recommends. Fabulous idea!:



Step #2. But then fill them with this:



instead of chopping AND cooking AND shredding your own meat and veggies!

My Thoughts on Southwestern Style Chicken & Rice:

I love it for it’s convenience and great taste! I use it most often to fill things like the taquitos above or burritos. I’ve even used it as a topping for open faced enchiladas. I have also occasionally served it as a side to another Mexican meal I’ve made. I love just adding water and then going about my business while it simmers for 12-15 minutes or so. So easy!

As an added plus, it has a shelf life of 10 years and we’ve got quite a few in our “home store.” It would be a quick and easy meal in an emergency (like the emergency that follows when I realize at 5:00 pm that I forgot to thaw out meat for dinner!).

This is definitely one of my favorite THRIVE Express items. Plus, just like all the THRIVE Express, it uses natural colors and flavors instead of all that artificial stuff you find in the just add water meals at the grocery store!


Let’s Talk Cost:

One pouch costs $7.79. If you buy them in a package of 5 pouches, you will pay $7.30 each. I used once pouch and made 10 taquitos which was plenty for our family of six (our kids are all 5 and under). So, add in the cost of the egg roll wrappers and the instant beans I served on the side and we paid less than $10 total for dinner! A LOT less than fast food, about as quick, and far healthier!



Anything you’d like to know about THRIVE Southwestern Style Chicken & Rice?

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