Fill-able Grab and Go Binder Pages

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18 fill-able and printable pages to build your important documents grab and go binder.

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These 18 printable sheets will save you hours of time and give you peace of mind as you create your own Grab and Go Binder full of your family’s important information and documents.  Open them, type in your information, and print them out!  No detailed thought or research required.  I’ve done all that for you.  Easy Peasy!

  1. Easily fix mistakes…no need for whiteout, starting over or re-printing if you mess up.
  2. Easily make changes.  Once you’ve got your forms all filled out, save it to your computer.  Then, when you need to update information (your address, children’s school, doctor’s phone number etc), you can simply open the file, change that one thing and re-print that one page.  No need to fill out the entire page by hand over again!

Why Have a Grab and Go Binder?

Because it will make your life easier!  Promise.  You will be able to find what you need when you need it.  That means time savings and we can all use a bit of extra time any day, right?

But that time savings will be even more important in an emergency or disaster situation.  Every second will count when trying to find a lost loved one or use a first aid skill or quickly evacuate.  Having a “grab and go” binder will save you precious seconds and minutes and allow you to focus on your loved ones needs in an emergency.


What You Get:

  • Choice of 2 different binder covers (one is more “secure)
  • Important Document Checklist
  • Evacuation Checklist
  • Emergency Phone Numbers Page
  • Financial Numbers Page
  • Insurance Numbers Page
  • Medical Provider Numbers Page
  • Utility Provider Numbers Page
  • Family and Friend’s NumberPage
  • Child ID Form
  • Adult ID Form
  • Pet ID Form
  • First Aid Quick Guide
  • Password Tracker Page
  • Ideas for keeping your binder secure
  • Tips for getting fingerprints / DNA
  • Other suggestions of what to include in your binder
  • Uses for the ID Forms
  • Supplies I suggest for creating your binder (low, medium and high budgets)

Important Notes:

The files you will receive are PDF files. When you click on the link, it should pop up automatically if you have a PDF reader. If it doesn’t, you likely need to install a pdf reader. Adobe Reader is my favorite and it is free.

For Google Chrome users, please follow this instruction to download the PDF.

2 reviews for Fill-able Grab and Go Binder Pages

  1. Unsatisfied customer

    This website is a scam, it’s been reported to the Federal Trade Commission.

  2. unsatisfied customer

    I ordered yesterday and paid online but I never received the email.

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