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This planner is two things:

(1) A step by step tool that walks you through creating an emergency preparedness plan for your family

(2) A “grab and go” important documents binder


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The Prepare My Life Planner was created by Tami Girsberger as a way to create an organized, sensible emergency plan.

But not only does it contain a step-by-step plan to help prepare your home and family for an emergency, it is also designed to store and organize your important documents in a smart, secure way.

The Prepare My Life Planner includes:

  • A high quality 12” x 2.5” x 13.5” zippered binder with handle and lock
  • Multiple protective pockets and zippered pouches
  • A Home Inventory CD
  • Multiple detailed checklists and pictures to simplify preparing your family and home for an emergency
  • A section dedicated to teaching you how to prepare your family for an emergency
  • A section dedicated to teaching you how to prepare your home for an emergency
  • A section about the supplies you’ll need to gather
  • A section on what you need to do in order to be prepared to evacuate
  • A section on what you need to do in order to safely stay in your home following a disaster
  • A section for your personal information forms
  • A section for your insurance information forms
  • A section for your financial information forms
  • A section for your asset information forms
  • A section for your final planning forms
  • A pen and calculator
  • Online access code for filling out forms electronically (*more details below)

Each section walks you through a checklist of things you need to do and a detailed list of items to include.  Each section also contains the necessary tabs, forms, folders, pages, pockets, and pouches needed to keep everything organized and easy to find.

*The planner comes with an access code that you can use to download all of the forms that you need to fill out.  You can save the forms to your hard drive to print out.  When the information changes you can easily update the forms and print to always keep your planner current.


Courtni's Thoughts:

I knew about this planner for two years before I purchased one.  I’m a very frugal person and it just seemed far too expensive to me

Once I finally gave in and bought one, I wished I’d done it sooner!  This planner is incredible.  There is no other way to describe it.  It is one of the top 2-3 products I recommend for everyone for a few reasons:

(1) Tami (the binder creator) knows her stuff!  Years of research has gone into this plan and it is simply top notch.

(2) It save time.  Since Tami has done so much quality research, you don’t have to!  Much of the research that goes into creating a grab and go binder and / or a family emergency plan is done for you.  You simply walk through her steps and fill in her forms.

(3) It is robust!  Tami has thought of everything.  Nothing is missing.  This planner is far more robust and complete than any planner I tried putting together on my own.

(4) It is high quality.  My documents are safer in this planner. It comes with NUMEROUS different protective sheets, pouches, and zippered pockets. All my documents are well protected. Nothing falls out.

The supplies that come with this planner are extremely high quality and would cost nearly $100 at Office Max.  Add to that all the forms, tips and research that is in this planner, and truthfully, it is a good deal.

1 review for The Prepare My Life Planner

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    Zero stars if I could-this is a scam. I ordered this planner, my account was charged, I attempted to communicate with “customer service” multiple times with no response and finally had to fight with PayPal to receive a refund for never receiving the product.

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