Simple 72 Hour Kits eBook

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This eBook makes it simple to build a 72 hour kit for your family by breaking the process down into simple weekly steps.

This is an eBook.  After purchasing, you will be able to download it (up to three times for personal use on different devices as needed).  You can also print it once for personal use if desired.

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This book takes the cost and time required to create a 72 hour kit and breaks it down into 26 do-able steps.  If you work on just one each week you will have a fully customized, robust kit in just 6 months.

Want to finish your kit sooner than that?  Simply work on two or more steps each week!

Each step / chapter includes options for different budgets and individual needs.  You will be able to print various forms, ID kits, checklists and more.  And at the end of each chapter, see pictures of what our family has included in our kit (and learn why).

3 reviews for Simple 72 Hour Kits eBook

  1. Mandy

    This is AMAZING. This year my husband and I are putting together our 72 hour kits/food storage/emergency preparedness for our little family of three. Your [book], and each [section] has helped IMMENSELY. Thank you thank you so much for putting all the work and time into this. You might have just saved our lives with this wonderful information

  2. Lessie

    Hi! I’m just getting started building my 72 hour kits and your book has been incredibly helpful! I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile (think YEARS haha), but I never knew how to get started. Your book has made it foolproof! I’m now on week 7 and I already feel so much more prepared!

  3. Leah

    LOVE this! I’ve been trying to team up with my mom for quite a while to get our family prepared! I’m thinking that since everything is already laid our for us…WE CAN DO IT!!

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