Introducing: Project Preparedness!MoneyBeltB

As I’ve followed the devastation in the Philippines, my drive to do all I can to prepare my family for the unknown has been put into hyper-drive.  I not only want to prepare my family, but to help those around me prepare as well.  You may feel the same.

But one big reason people put off becoming more prepared is the cost. This month, I’m hoping to help solve this problem for you, your family and your friends through “Project Preparedness.” I’d like to help as many people as possible become more prepared than they were last month. I’d especially like to help them get food and water supplies.



Black Friday copyTHRIVE Life will be having an incredible sale over Black Friday weekend.

  • During this sale, every single Thrive food item will be on sale below the normal “lowest price.” (the price you would pay if you went to a THRIVE class).
  • In addition, many e-prep items and food rotation systems will be on sale!
  • Some items will be as much as 50% off!

This yearly sale is the BEST time to purchase and stock up on food storage and other preparedness items! You will not find a lower price any other time of the year on any item.

But as good as this sale is, I’d like to make it a bit better for those of you willing to join me in spreading the word through “Project Preparedness.”


Join “Project Preparedness”

In addition to being the best time to save on THRIVE Life products, Black Friday weekendProject Preparedness is also the BEST time to share THRIVE Life with your friends and family. People love the savings during this sale and they want to purchase and stock up!

I’d like to ask for your help in getting the word out about this sale to as many people as possible. There are people you know and interact with every day that I simply can’t reach without your help. I want them to be able to get preparedness products they need for half the price!

So, simply tell others about the sale! They will get the lowest prices of the year on great products & be better prepared than they were last month!


Free Products and More!

To show my appreciation to those of you willing to join me in “Project Preparedness,” I will give you 10% back in FREE Thrive product on any orders you and your friends place!

AND…if the orders you collect (including your own) total at least $400, you will also earn additional products at 50% off retail (you choose the products) depending on the total sales amount. The more orders you get, the more 50% off product you earn!

*You and at least 2 of your referrals must make a purchase to receive your free and 50% off product.

Here is a scenario of what could happen:MoneyCartB

  • You make a $300 purchase during Black Friday and save 25%-50% off retail meaning you get $400-$600 in product for $300!
  • Your friend Jane makes a $200 purchase
  • Your friend Mary makes a $500 purchase
  • You earn $100 in additional FREE product. So, now you are getting $500-$700 in product for $300!
  • You also earn up to $150 in additional product at 50% off (you can choose any product(s) you’d like). That brings your total up to $650-$850 in product for for $375!

That is a pretty sweet deal!

And your friends and family can do the same thing. Let’s say your friend Jane refers two friends who purchase $200 each, she would earn an additional $60 in FREE product and $100 in 50% off in addition to the $200 she already got at a discounted price! So she would get $430-$560 in product for $250! .

*Free and 50% off product is calculated at retail price, not sale price.

Hopefully, if we all work together to spread the word, we can help hundreds or even thousands of people become better prepared than they were last month at price they can afford!


Giving Back

Plus, for every order you refer to me, I will give $2 to help with the relief efforts in the Philippines!  Learn more here: A Donation in Your Behalf


How to Participate:

Step #1: Join My Newsletter Mailing List

You will get early notification of the sale and be able to pre-order. This means you won’t have to deal with ordering on Black Friday and will have a much better chance of getting everything you want before it sells out because I will place your order for you the minute the sale starts (Nov 29th at midnight MDT).



*In addition to Black Friday notices, you will also receive helpful tips, recipes, printables and sale notifications 2-4 times per month. Unsubscribe at any time.

Step #2: Email Me & Let Me Know You’d Like to Participate

My email is [email protected]. Shoot me an email right now. Let me know you want to participate in “Project Preparedness” and I will get everything all set up so I can properly credit your friend’s and family’s orders to you!


Step #3: Get the Word Out!

Let your friends and family know why you feel it is important to be prepared and tell them about this great sale and the opportunity to earn free product! Here are a few ideas:

  • Tell them in person. Click here to download a flyer you can hand out at work, school, the bank, or soccer practice.
  • Let your facebook friends know! Tell them a bit about why you are excited about it and give them this link so they can order:
  • Email your contacts! Click here for an example of an email you can use.


Step #4: Make Sure You Get Credit For

When your friends & family respond to your email, facebook post or personal contact and let you know they are interested in the sale, make sure you:


  1. Email me ([email protected]) so I can add your friend or family member to my newsletter list.  This way, your friends / family will get all the details about the sale.
  2. Remind your friends & family to check out this page ( so they know they can earn free product too!
  3. Tell your friends and family to email me ([email protected]) right after they order (if they don’t pre-order) with their order # and your name so you get credit for the sale.



Step #5. Place An Order For Your Free & 50% Off Product!

After the Black Friday sale is over, I will email you a total of all the free product you earned. Decide what you want, email me and I will place your free & discounted product order for you! *You will pay shipping.


The free product you can earn from “Project Preparedness” is just one of three gifts I’m giving away for my “birthday” (I have been a THRIVE Life consultant for 3 years this week).  You can read about the other gifts here:  Happy Birthday to Me!