How to Use Grocery Sales Cycles to Save Money on Food Storage

Grocery stores put their products on sale in predictable sales cycles. Planning your food storage purchases according to these sales cycles can save you big money. Read all about how to stock up for less, and use the included printable to help you plan your next shopping trip.

Harvest Right Freeze Review With A Cost Analysis

Freeze drying your own food at home is an appealing idea to many people who are interested in food storage. The Harvest Right freeze dryer has received a lot of attention, but I share my thoughts on why I’m not yet ready to purchase one for my home.

5 Tips to Help Preparedness Beginners Focus on the Right Things

Getting prepared for emergencies can feel overwhelming. Preparedness beginners may feel that they have to prepare for anything and everything all at once, but there is a better way. Here are 5 tips to help you get started with your emergency preparedness efforts.