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I created this shop to solve a problem for you.  It's a problem I had back in 2007 when I started working on emergency preparedness.

I was overwhelmed with all the choices facing me when it came to ePrep products.  I didn't want to waste money on the wrong products, but I didn't have the money (or time) to "test" them all.  I didn't know where to start.

Maybe you feel similarly?

Lucky for you (and me), as a blogger, I've been gifted many preparedness products and the opportunity to "test drive" them for you.  Only those that I would recommend to close family members make it here into my store.

Plus, under each product, you will find a "Misty's Thoughts" section where I tell you what I really think about each product.  If there is something to be concerned about, you will find it there.

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 These are emergency preparedness products I have created and sell directly.



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I create and sell eBooks, high quality printables, eCourses, recipes books and more to simplify emergency preparedness.

 These are products created by-by others that you can buy directly from me.

Wondermill Electric


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The products in this section are all products I highly recommend, own and use that you can purchase directly from me


 These are products I highly recommend, but do not sell directly.



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The products in this section are all products I highly recommend, own and use that you can purchase on a site other than my own. 

I will provide you with a link directly to the other website.



 Disclaimer:  At no additional cost to you, I earn commission when you /if you purchase most (not all) items in my store. However, the commission I receive (or don't receive) does not influence my decision to include an item in my store.  If I'd recommend it to my family, it is included here.
This income I earn provides the means to pay for my website, payment processors, email lists, membership websites and more. It also compensates me for time away from my family in order to maintain this website.
This income also enables my family to be more self reliant by paying down debt and increasing our savings. 
I also donate a percentage of all income earned to the LDS church's humanitarian fund, and to Thrive Life's Thriving Nations charity
You can find more detailed information about my website earnings HERE.
Thank you for supporting me and my family in this way!