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Common Questions:

When I teach a class about freeze dried food, or cooking with food storage, the #1 question I get at the end of a class is:

“But where do I start?” 

By the end of a class people get it!  They get that freeze dried food tastes good.  They get that it can save them time and money in the kitchen and they get that it can also be stored for hard times.  They are excited!Thrive Food Options

But they are also overwhelmed.  There are over 160 Thrive food products and few people can afford to buy all 160!  They want to know just what they should start with.

The #1 question I get from my online customers is:

Do you have a sample pack I can purchase?

They too want to know where to start!  Unlike my class customers, those of you that find me online may not have tried Thrive and you want to know which of the 160 choices is the best place to get started.


Smart Start: Taste of Thrive

The new Smart Start: Taste of Thrive packages are the answer to those two questions.  Taste of Thrive makes a fantastic sample pack and it gives you a great start on the absolute best Thrive products.

Taste of Thrive Box

The BEST products:

Each Taste of Thrive package (there are three) offers small cans of  the most, convenient, delicious, and time-saving THRIVE products.  Each product offered in each of the Taste of Thrive packages has been included to help you start using just a “taste of Thrive” in the meals your family already loves.

Taste of Thrive Cans

Your Own Thrive Coach

In addition to popular food items, the Taste of Thrive packages also include all the tools you need to start using those foods in your favorite meals right away.  The Month#1 package includes the all new Thrive User Guide, the Month#2 package includes a quick tips and reference sheet, and all three months include additional specific tips for the products you receive.

You will learn to use one or two ingredients at a time and build up from there.  In addition to providing you with the best products to start with, the Taste of Thrive packages are like having your own personal “Thrive Coach” in your home.

Taste of Thrive Literature

Familiar Recipes

Once you are feeling a bit more adventurous, there are 4 recipes included in each Taste of Thrive package that use up to 50% Thrive.  These recipes are basic and familiar, yet delicious.  You’ll find things such as Spaghetti, Enchiladas and Peach Crisp.

Enchiladas Peach Crisp






Three Options:

The Smart Start: Taste of Thrive is meant to be a 3 month program, so there are three different boxes available.  You can add all three boxes to your Q (use ID# 25806, 25807, and 25809) and get one each month for the next three months.  Or, purchase just the package that works best for your family.  Or, purchase all three packages at once if that suits you!   Remember, Month #1 includes the Thrive User Guide and month #2 includes a quick reference sheet.  All three months include tips specific to the products in that particular package.

Taste of Thrive Options



This is a very flexible “Smart Start” program for getting you going with Thrive in a way that works for you!

*Note: Month #3 will not be available for purchase until June 1st, 2014

Taste of Thrive Full

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