I hope you are all able to enjoy this day of Thanksgiving and gratitude with those you love.  I am lucky enough to be spending it with my parents and one of my siblings and his family.

I have so much to be grateful for:

The gospel of Jesus Christ, especially his Atonement for my sins, weaknesses and trials and the effect it has in my life. It has changed me and allowed me to be more accepting of others as they struggle to change as well. It offers so much hope…most importantly, the hope that I can change/become better and more than who I currently am.

The power of God in my daily life.

My wonderful husband. He understands/accepts/fulfills his responsibility as the provider for our family. He also loves me and is always willing to sacrifice for me. He makes me laugh more than anyone I know and has a way of getting me to relax and enjoy life a little more. (for those of you who know me, you know why this is so amazing) He makes regular efforts to understand me better and change himself in order to make me happier.

My beautiful children
. The fact that they were conceived. The fact that they are here. The fact that they are perfectly healthy. The opportunity the Lord has given me to do my best to teach them of his love and plan. I can think of no greater blessing than the opportunity to be a mother, and it is a privilege that not everyone gets in this life.

My devoted parents. Being raised in a home where I regularly felt the spirit of God, and the effect that has had in my life. I am coming to realize more and more what amazing people my parents are. There is an amazing spirit in their home and I am slowly coming to understand how hard they have worked/are working to make it that way. My parent put nothing before each other and their children. Few parents take their responsibility as seriously as mine do.

My supportive siblings. I love each of my brothers and sisters. I would call them my dearest friends. We can laugh, cry, and play together, and best of all we can discuss Christ’s gospel and I can learn from them.

My good health. I haven’t always had it, so it means a lot. I have been incredibly healthy during my pregnancies and after and it has allowed me to enjoy the process more. With all the diseases/problems that exist, I am grateful for my health.

Living in the USA, and the opportunities that affords: I can worship as I want, learn and improve myself as I wish, speak my mind, and live free of oppression. I am grateful to those who have sacrificed to make it so.

The ability and opportunity to be self reliant, prosperous and charitable.  This has become far easier since I joined THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) in this mission and has been an incredible blessing my life.  My life is more at peace knowing that my husband and I have the ability to provide for ourselves in many situations (always working toward more!).  My life is more joyful as I’ve been able to give more.

And now some less significant, but fun things:

*the smell of the beach that reminds me of my husband b/c he loves it so much
*the sound of water and the peace it can bring me
*baby stretches, baby body parts (mini noses, hands, toes, tongues, ears), baby smiles and coos,
*chocolate ice cream and berries
*hot baths and a good book
*blogs/facebook/staying in touch with friends
*long walks and fresh air
*the smell on rainy days
*thrive Brownie mix
*otter pops
*music and it’s ability to affect my mood
*the beauty of the world we live in and the evidence that is of God’s love
*good books

Overall, I feel that I belong to a very select and blessed group of people. I can’t even put into words how grateful I am. Where much is given, much is required.M y commitment to doing God’s will and striving to bless the lives of others has been renewed as I have thought about all these blessings: my blessings.


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