Truth About Preppers


Welcome to Prep-101! This is Month #1 (Create a Preparedness Plan), the overview. You can find details on the entire course here.  You can also follow me (and others) as we progress through this course on Instagram with hastag #Yohsprep101 and join our facebook group HERE.


Do you have a plan?

I’ve spent about 5 years now interacting heavily with the “prepping” community (aka those who believe that being prepared is an essential part of life).  I’ve “met” (mostly online) many in this prepping community and there are a huge variety of people and beliefs and practices!  Some preppers have multiple emergency bags for different situations, and a fully stocked bunker that no one knows the location to.  Others simply have some extra food and water on hand.  But I’ve learned one surprising truth about “preppers” over the last 5 years:

Most “preppers” don’t have a plan

It’s true!  Sure, they may have an evacuation plan, but many  don’t have plan for how they are going to get better prepared.  They have no systematic way of going about their “prepping,”  and often don’t know exactly what they are preparing for.  Because of this, many don’t start with the most important things for their family in their situation.  They don’t plan what (or how much) food or water they may  need.  As such, they fail to prepare in an efficient manner that makes the best use of their time and money and prepares them for the right things.

I want you to be different!

Preparedness 101:  Month 1 Chapter 1 (The Overview)

This month, I want you to lay out a plan for what you will do to be better prepared in December 2015 than you are today.  That plan will be the foundation of everything you do for the 11 months that follow.  Your plan, what you start with, what you prepare for, the budget you allocate etc will be different than my plan or anyone else’s.  So, this month, create your plan.  I’ll help you out with as many resources a possible.  Check out what I’ve got below and don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the bottom of this post.

WHY Plan Your Preparedness:

Section One of preparedness 101 course is all about planning and creating a systematic strategy for preparing your family for what is most important for YOU while making the most efficient use of your time and money.  January will be spent getting this plan in place because:


Monthly Challenge:

Create a preparedness plan for your family.  Decide what you are preparing for and what your budget will be.  Create an evacuation plan.  Gather all important documents you may need in an emergency.  Figure your food and water needs.


Section Chapters:


Overview – The Surprising Truth About Preppers
1 – Three Steps to Discover What You Should Prepare For
2 – Three lists you should make to prioritize your prepping
3 – Warning!  Evacuation Imminent
4 – Products to help you plan: Interviews with the creators
5 – How to Find Money for Emergency Preparedness
6 – How to Find Time for Emergency Preparedness

Free Printables:


Family Evacuation Plan
Adult ID Kit
Child ID Kit
Password Tracker
 What Are You Preparing For?
 3 Lists To Prioritize Prepping

Helpful Products:

If you are interested in some time saving products that will help you create a preparedness plan for your family quickly, click HERE or on the image below to learn more!





Surprising Truth About Preppers