THRIVE foods work great when being used in a soup or casserole or baked good: simply add a little extra water and throw them in: no chopping or cutting required!

But what about when you want to use them separate from a soup or casserole; somewhere they won’t  be covered in water?  Like, on top of pizza or on a salad?   You soak them in water to hydrate them, right?  Problem:  they always end up dripping wet.  And who wants to eat dripping wet cheese or pineapple?

My upline, Chad and Rachel Mano, gave me a great suggestion a while back: hydrate them with a spray bottle instead and use just the amount of water needed to hydrate them instead of soaking them.

Now, I’ll admit, this method does take a bit of time, but it also helps your product turn out much more like fresh!

  • Start with a bowl of whatever you want to hydrate.
  • Spray it with a bit of water and let it all soak in for a few minutes.
  • The product will become a bit sticky.
  • Stir it around a bit.
  • Add a bit more water and repeat until you get the texture you want.

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