As you know, if you’ve been following me for a while, Thrive is hands down my favorite food storage brand.  It tastes the best, has the most color, smells the best, and has the fullest cans.  It is the only food I buy for my family.

But, it can sometimes be a bit pricier than other brands.  So, I often tell people: “Wait until Black Friday and then you can stock up at great prices!

You can start shopping at the discounted prices on the THRIVE QUICK PICK PAGE HERE on Wednesday morning at 8:00 am MST


This year is the best Thrive Black Friday sale I’ve seen in 5 years.  Usually, most products are 5% – 10% off and a fifteen or so are 20%-30% off while only one or two are 35% off or more.

This year, there are 16 products 35% off or more, 33 that are 20%-30% off and only 16 that are less than 10% off.  This is a fantastic stock up sale.

Also Note: This sale runs though Monday, 11/30, but the more popular items will sell out.  If you are certain you want something, shop on Wednesday to ensure you get it!

Now, while everything is all on sale below what it’s been any other time of the year, it can still be a bit overwhelming to navigate the sale and find the deals that are best for you and your family.  I’ve got a few things for you that should help!

1. Unadvertised Packages

While these packages come and go all year (they aren’t exclusive to Black Friday), they are a fantastic deal, and worth mentioning here. All six of these packages are 40%+ off retail.

If you like what is in one of the packages, it can be a great way to get a lot of product at a really deep discount.  For example, the veggie package is my favorite as I use all those veggies regularly.  Buying them in the package is still better than Black Friday pricing.  I couldn’t get them all individually for 40% off.

These packages are not available on the Thrive Site.  Instead, you can find (and order) these packages on my website here: Thrive Unadvertised Packages

2. The Flyer:

This flyer showcases some of the more deeply discounted products AND some of the more popular products.  It even has usage tips for some of the more popular products!  Use it to narrow down your decisions a bit.  You can view it HERE or by clicking on the image below:

3. Discount Lists

Thrive has close to 200 products on sale.  It can get difficult to sort through them all to find the best deals.  These two list may help!

  • The majority of products listed can be purchased right on the Thrive quick pick page.  Those marked with an asterisk must be purchase on my site (and if you click on it, I link to them)
  • Those that make both lists are in red

Top % Off

Lentils: 50% off

Celery: 50% off

*Deluxe Meat Pack: 48% off

*Premium Meats Pack: 46% off

*Tropical Fruit Variety Pack: 43% off

*Vegetable Variety Pack: 40% off

Pinto Beans: 40% off

Freeze dried grapes: 40% off

Chopped Chicken:  40% off

Beef TVP: 40% off

*Fruit Variety Pack: 40% off

Chicken TVP: 39% off

Wild Rice Pilaf: 35% off

Beef Dices: 35% off

Tomato Powder: 35% off

Macaroni: 35% off

Instant White Rice: 30% off

Regular Sugar: 30% off

Diced Carrots: 30% off

Non-fat milk: 30% off

Broccoli: 30% off

Mushrooms: 30% off

Green Beans: 30% off

Whole Wheat Flour: 30% off

Mashed Potatoes: 30% off

Chili Lime Rice: 30% off

Top $$ Off

*Deluxe Meats Pack: Save $190

*Premium Meats Pack: Save $172

*Tropical Fruit Variety Pack: Save $94

New Years Pack: Save $85

*Fruit Variety Pack: Save $83

Christmas Morning Pack: Save $67

Kid Approved Pack: Save $57

*Vegetable Variety Pack: Save $47

Chopped Chicken: Save $24

Beef Dices: Save $24

Grapes: Save $16

Ground Beef: Save $15.50

Chicken Slices: Save $15

Celery: Save $15

Cheddar Cheese: Save $14

Tomato Powder: Save $12.50


4. Two More Lists

Just knowing what will save you the most isn’t always enough.  Buying a product you won’t use is a waste of money no matter how deep the discount.

These two lists give a bit more insight into categories and my personal favorites!

Best in Category


Grapes: 40% off

Fuji Apples: 25% off

Whole Strawberries: 20% off


Celery: 50% off

Tomato Powder: 35% off

Carrots: 30% off

Broccoli: 30% off

Mushrooms: 30% off

Green Beans: 30% off

Mashed Potatoes: 30% off

Freeze dried onion slices: 20% off

Green peas: 20% off


Macaroni: 35% off

Instant White Rice: 30% off

Wheat Flour: 30% off

Cornmeal: 22% off


Nonfat milk: 30% off

Cheddar Cheese: 25% off


Lentils: 50% off

Pinto beans: 40% off

Chopped Chicken: 40% off

Beef TVP: 40% off

Chicken TVP: 40% off

Beef Dices: 25% off

Chicken SLices: 25% off


Cornbread mix: 20% of

Sauces and Seasonings:

Cilantor: 22% off

Veloute Sauce: 20% off

Espagnole Sauce: 20% off

Chef’s Choice All Purpose Blend Seasoning: 20% off

Oregano: 20% off

Thrive Express:

Wild Rice Pilaf: 35% off

Chili Lime Rice: 27% off

Broccoli Cheese Soup: 21% off

Pasta Carbonara: 20% off

Creamy Beef and Noodles: 20% off

My Favorites

These are the products I use most often in my home.   I use everything on this list at least weekly if not more often.

If you are just starting out building your food storage, I suggest you strongly consider stocking up on these!  I love them, my kids love them.  I cook with them.  We snack on them.

I’ve listed them in order of highest to lowest discount (% off):



Chopped Chicken

Tomato powder

Carrot dices


Chicken Slices

Veloute Sauce

Cheddar cheese (I don’t use this often, but I have a lot of it.  it is amazing if you don’t have access to cheese….melts and everything.  If you want real cheese in your food storage, this is a good deal)

Green Peas


Whole Wheat dough mix

Peanut flour (maybe not quite weekly, but amazing…great in asian dishes)


Classic cookie dough mix


Bechamel sauce

Hot cocoa (in the winter months)

Parmesan cheese


Instant black beans



Instant Brown Rice

Instant re-fried beans (not quite weekly, but we love them)

Pancake mix



Rainbow Farfalle

Whole Wheat Penne

Green peppers (great snack)

Start Shopping Now!