New THRIVE Life Consultant Training

THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) provides an incredible training tool to all their consultants.  This tool is called the PATH.  The acronym stands for Prepare – Act – Teach – Hone. It is full of tips, tricks, videos, tools, handouts, etc.  It was released in April 2013 after years of research and with the support and input of top consultants in the company.  It is a “PATH” to success as a THRIVE Life consultant.

Training from THRIVE Life

The PATH  is a program that all consultants should use regularly.  I’ve been in this business for nearly 3 years and was part of the PATH development process, and yet I still use it as a reference regularly.   So, it benefits all consultants.  But the PATH is especially helpful for new consultants.

New consultants who spend 30-40 minutes/day are able to get through the entire program in about 2 weeks.  Doing so gives them a HUGE head start over consultants who do not take advantage of this program.  Three months after becoming consultants, those who have done the PATH are earning EIGHT TIMES more (on average) than those who choose not to complete it.  That says a lot about the importance of training!

Training from ME!

I am also available to answer your questions.  I have a private Facebook group where I actively support the consultants on my team.  You are also able to brainstorm here with lots of other consultants to help perfect your ideas and techniques.

In addition, you are welcome to email me at any time with your questions.  I do my best to get back to you within 24-48 hours.

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  1. Can you explain how an education session would go? Do you actually prepare some of the food to let people taste it? How long does a party/ education usually last? Can you do online parties?

  2. Does the Thrive Life Company hold weekly call conferences and/or webinars regarding the health benefits of Thrive food? And if so do they also give trainings on how to build your business on these Call Conferences/Webinars?

    • They have weekly podcasts on a variety of topics. They are not always on the health benefits. They are usually on a different aspect of building your business!


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