THRIVE Life: Minimum Requirements

This post is part of a series of posts about THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance), pyramid schemes and MLMs.  Read more here: THRIVE Life: Is it a pyramid scheme, MLM, or something else?


Concern #7: Aren’t there minimum requirements each month to stay active?

Yes, many MLMs require you to have a minimum number of parties / demonstrations each month or to reach a certain sales minimum each month in order to be “active an qualify for commission.  In my opinion, that seemed like a lot of pressure and I would think it would quickly become overwhelming and disheartening if you “missed” the requirements one month.

Answer to Concern #7:

There are no minimum number of parties required each month with THRIVE Life.  There is no minimum sales requirement in order to earn on your own sales.  If you sell $10, you earn $1.

There are personal sales requirements to earn on your teams sales.  But I like that.  It makes sense to me.  Why should I earn from their sales if I’m not selling myself.  Or, why should my trainer earn from my sales if they are selling?

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