THRIVE Life: How hard is it to KEEP selling?

This post is part of a series of posts about THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance), pyramid schemes and MLMs.  Read more here: THRIVE Life: Is it a pyramid scheme, MLM, or something else?


Concern #6: If I join a MLM, won’t I have to keep finding more and more parties in order to keep earning?

If the MLM sells a non-consumable product (jewelry, kitchen gadgets etc), then yes, that is true.  I have many, many “kitchen gadget” products from a certain MLM and I love them!  They are a fantastic quality.  So much so, they once I’ve bought what I need, they never stop working and I never need to purchase again.  But the poor consultant I purchased from is now looking for a new customer!

I did not want to find myself in that position, constantly looking for more customers.

Answer to Concern #6

As a THRIVE Life consultant, you sell food!  What is more consumable than that?  (-:  THRIVE is the ultimate “healthy convenience food.”  It allows people to serve healthy meals to their family in half the time without sacrificing taste or spending more each month.

Because of that, people use the food and then need to buy more: regularly!  In fact, there is an auto ship program customers can join.  They choose recipes they like and the food for those recipes gets shipped to them each month.  You are not constantly looking for new customers!


Concern #7: Aren’t there minimum requirements each month to stay active in an MLM?

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