This post is part of a series of posts about THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance), pyramid schemes and MLMs.  Read more here: THRIVE Life: Is it a pyramid scheme, MLM, or something else?


Concern #6: If I join a MLM, won’t I have to keep finding more and more parties in order to keep earning?

If the MLM sells a non-consumable product (jewelry, kitchen gadgets etc), then yes, that is true.  I have many, many “kitchen gadget” products from a certain MLM and I love them!  They are a fantastic quality.  So much so, they once I’ve bought what I need, they never stop working and I never need to purchase again.  But the poor consultant I purchased from is now looking for a new customer!

I did not want to find myself in that position, constantly looking for more customers.

Answer to Concern #6

As a THRIVE Life consultant, you sell food!  What is more consumable than that?  (-: