14+ Survival Materials to Download Today

If you’ve been reading The Survivalist Blog for some time, you’re probably aware of the plethora of information that’s available here and in other places. In fact, there’s so much information that we:

  • …feel overwhelmed
  • …feel confused because the information isn’t presented in an organized manner, so there’s still some research involved
  • …end up reading conflicting advice
  • …and obviously make lots of mistakes.

In what follows, I want to give you a list of the top 14 digital products for you to download and save on your phone, externa hard drive, laptop, USB stick you name it, and of course to print out in preparation for grid-down scenarios.

So without further ado, here’s the list…

#1. William R. Forstchen’s One second After

This fiction novel has opened the eyes of so many preppers you won’t believe. You can get it in paperback but you can also get the Kindle edition on Amazon. The book is centered on an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) disaster, but it’s very real. Many folks believe this is exactly what’ll happen should one such disaster occur.

Everyone on the Internet is raving about this book, I cannot recommend it enough.

#2. Army’s First Aid Manual

First aid may not be the thing most of us want to worry about, but it’s one of the most important ones for sure. This free manual covers everything from the basics of first aid (opening the airways, mouth-to-mouth CPR etc.) to more advanced things such as stopping a bleeding wound, dealing with fractures and so on.

Regardless of how much you learn from this download, you should definitely take a first aid class, because it’s the best way to ensure you’ll know what to do in a medical emergency.

Download Army’s first aid manual here.

#3. My Survival Farm

This package was put together by yours truly, Dan F. Sullivan a few years ago (longer depending on when you read this), after searching long and hard for experienced permaculturists. It’s an A to Z permaculture course that will allow you to set up an autopilot survival garden which mimics a food forest.

Unlike traditional gardening, permaculture doesn’t need much watering, or weeding. The plans take care of each-other, and the amazing thing about it is that it’s completely stealth. It’s hard to notice it’s an actual garden even if you’re just a few feet away.

You can watch my presentation here to learn more.

#4. Dave Cantebury’s Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

The name Dave Cantebury should ring a bell to anyone involved with survival and preparedness. He’s one of the nation’s top wilderness experts, and his highly-acclaimed book is obviously on this list. His teaching style is easy to understand and apply.

You can get the kindle (or even the paperback version) of his wilderness survival course here.

#5. EMP Protocol

Another one of my courses, though the credits for it should go to my main writer, Tara Dodrill. I also want to mention Ryan Dotson, an amazing prepper and survivalist, who shot the step-by-step videos on how to make the different Faraday cages.

You can watch the full presentation and order here.

#6. Canning and Preserving for Beginners: The Essential Canning Recipes and Canning Supplies Guide

If you haven’t heard, homesteading is one of the best ways to prepare for large-scale SHTF disasters, because it takes care of most survival needs, such as shelter and food.

Now, one of the ways to preserve food for the long term is to start canning it. The only problem is, you need to follow every canning recipe TO THE LETTER, unless you want to compromise your cans and get everyone sick with botulism. This is why having a reference canning book. Canning and Preserving for Beginners: The Essential Canning Recipes and Canning Supplies Guide is one of the best ones you could have on your phone, tablet or laptop.

#7. The Amazing Stockpile Challenge

The Amazing Stockpile Challenge is all about starting, maintaining and growing a survival stockpile of any size. The average American only has a few days’ worth of food in their fridge, and most of it is perishable.

If you’re going to survive medium and long-term disasters, you’re going to need a stockpile that can feed you and your entire family for at least 3 weeks. Once you got that, you can move on to 3 months, 6 months and ever a whole year if you’re up to it.

The thing is, you need more than just food. You also need water, tools to cook and consume it, plus various things to keep yourself safe and your house in order. Let my writers and I show you how to do it right.


Another excellent U.S. Army manual that can be very useful to urban preppers looking to bug out when SHTF. This 772-page book/ebook talks about everything you can imagine, such as situational awareness, urban zones and street patterns, urban survival skills such as crossing walls, room clearing and many, many more. Get it for free here.

#9. Easy Cellar

I just love things that can help you prepare in more than one way. A root cellar, for instance, will not only keep your stockpile and harvest fresh for longer, but can also double as a bunker if need be. The best part is it shows you how to do this easily. The presentation page claims it can be built for under $500, which is pretty amazing.

Now, not all foods can be stored in a root cellar, but the package includes this extra PDF titled 56 Items to Stockpile in Your Easy Cellar, that’ll tell you exactly which foods you can safely keep inside. Watch the presentation and order here.

#10. At Home Canning for Beginners and Beyond

Not exactly a download, but it does cone in electronic format (DVD). If you need someone to guide you through the canning process to make sure you do everything right, Kendra Lynne is the gal to do it. I’ve e-met her and I can tell you she’s one of the kindest and most amazing people I’ve ever met. You can get her DVD on Amazon.

#11. Survival Mom: How to Prepare Your Family for Everyday Disasters and Worst-Case Scenarios

Lisa Bedford needs to introduction in the prepping world. If you have a family you’re worried about, Lisa can show you how to get everyone prepared in her ebook that you can get form Amazon. The ebook is mostly focused on bug in scenarios, which is great because bugging in is the best way to prepare for the vast majority of us.

#12. How to Bug In Forever

I put together my best writers to finish this course. Bugging in should be plan A for most preppers, even for the ones who have the skills to bug out. This is because bugging out can be dangerous, and risking your life on a long journey on foot may not be the best idea.

The caveat is, bugging in only works if you prep in advance. Everything form setting up a survival retreat to stocking it up with supplies is discussed in my How to Bug In Forever e-course. Watch the presentation and order it here.

#13. Prepper’s Guide to Food Storage

Gaye Levy is yet another familiar name to those involved in prepping. She’s always been focused with food processing and storage, so no wonder her book/ebook, Prepper’s Guide to Food Storage has gotten some excellent reviews on Amazon. Get it here.


If you’ve already prepped to bug in and you’re now focusing on the bugging out scenario, then map reading and land navigation should be the top 2 core skills you should learn. This free Army manual will teach you just that. Get it here.

Now, these are just a few of the survival courses that should be in your digital library. In time, I may add even more to this list but… I think you have more than enough to read for now. J

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  1. Hey Dan I would love to team up with you and help you sell some of your books and products. I really think many people need to be aware that we all can be capable of surviving long term disastrous events and the time to prepare is now! Let’s help save some lives!

  2. I’m a big time reader. I’ve found that some people who are not interested in prepping will read a prepper novel, like One Second After, & in some cases, it may trigger an interest in prepping. When a non-prepper reads a description of what life is like after a major disaster, it changes how they view the world.

    Mr. Sullivan, I was reading this site before you took it over, & I’d read some of your stuff on your other site. & I want to thank you for your contributions to the online prepper community. Sites like this one offer a lot of educational articles for readers.


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